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Union Achilles Convert Xtend+ Retsu | Beyblade Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikiaachilles In episode 27 of Gachi Aiga and Union Achilles battle against Drum and Ace Dragon in a title match.Aiga uses Union Achilles on its speed mode during the first and second battles,but he switches to power mode in the third battle.When the bey is on its speed mode,the avatar wields a silver sword,but when the bey is on its power mode,the silver sword wielded by the avatar becomes completely covered in a blue aura.In episode 27 of Gachi Union Achilles enters into the "Gold Turbo" state during Aiga's battle against Drum and Ace Dragon.The bey becomes completely golden and irradiates a golden aura.The "Gold Turbo" state is a state where beys are able to shine big amounts of golden light and they become even more powerful than before.This is when beys achieve their endless potential.(achilles gold turbo state)

Who Am I...

a blader

My Appearance

 now wears an orange-yellow shirt with a turquoise zipper, a red Letterman’s jacket with long sleeves, white wrist collars and borders with a dark-blue stripe, and retains both the dark-blue upside-down “A” and buttons from his previous jacket, a pair of blue jeans with stitched-in patches, and red sneakers with a yellow border, white laces and white toe caps. His left hand brace in now colored celestial-blue.

 When Aiga resonates with his Beyblade, his hair turns crimson and breaks free from the blue rubber band holding it upright.


 Union Achilles.Cn(Convert).Xt+(Xtend plus) Retsu.The Gatinko chip is "Achilles",the layer weight is "Retsu" and the layer base is "Union".It's a balance type bey.The Union layer base has a mode change gimmick that can switch between 2 modes: speed mode and power mode.In this picture Union Achilles is on its speed mode.Union  achilles(speed modeIn episode 27 of Gachi Aiga combines two blue swords with the 2 silver swords of the Union layer base to switch to power mode before the third battle because he needed to increase the power of Union Achilles' attacks to counter Ace Dragon's attacks,after Union Achilles was bursted by Ace Dragon during the second battle. achilles with union sword(powered mode)

My Secrets Are...

Yeah right like i would tell you my secrets