Santhen (san)


San is an outgoing young man who found his way in life from brewing in which he became very wealthy but he does not like to show off for he only uses things he made himself almost climbing up from the ages of the world. He has a lot of time to himself so hes also invested his time into cooking and growing a lot of plants, he ouns a fair bit of land that he lives on. He is quite lonely so he goes to the inn often. He hates being called sans.

Romantic Interests

Well… A man has to hope for anything…

Relationship Status

Hopefully… For anything

My Story Is...

San was born… Created… Err… Yes… He was “introduced” as a child who was born but was simply… Actually rather unsimply was a project and was created by the government (usa) but managed to warp to hellifiknow with his powers but other than that his powers have been dormant.

My Appearance

San takes the form as a child around 8-10 he has a lapis lazuli amulut around his neck, he wears some hand made short like things made of dyed cotton (brown red) and a blue shirt also made od cotton, he has Moccasins on his feet. He has a beautiful mop of red brown hair that has aa very nice natural design.


A knife on himself thats all


I Believe...