Intro Video


Mach is a model he has a very lean and muscular body and he is only simi famous although he is still very rich

Romantic Interests

Jack likes jake

My Appearance

Both adrew and zach are strong… Adrew has brown eyes and dark brown hair… Zach has blue eyes and black hair…. But they both have one green eye(zradren is pure dragon his scales are all black and his eyes are all black too but at times some of his scales can turn white… Although he is pure dragon he has a human form.. In this form he always has a black cloak on and always hids his right arm) (jake wears a blue polo and jeans he has two eyes that always glow green and he has blonde hair) zander is pretty muscular and has blue eyes and black hair


My Secrets Are...

Whats the point of secrets when he is watching