Adeline Violet Carter


Who Am I...

Daughter of Levice Carter and Kel-ah; Granddaughter of Leila Marie Carter.

Romantic Interests

Malakai Octavian

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Name: Adeline Violet Carter
Nickname(s): Addie
Age: Physically in her late teens.
SexO: Bisexual.
Vice(s): Whiskey.
Education: Currently a senior in HS.
Languages:  Slovak, Italian, and English.
Location: Rome, Italy; Consequence, Hellifyno.
Occupation: Unemployed.
Alignment: Lawful Good.
Personality: Cautious and quiet; very observant.
Species/Breed: Undead,
Abilities: Immortal capabilities and senses.
Powers: Still, in discovery and tutorial mode.
Levice A. Carter;
[Adoptive] Kel-ah.
Caspian Carter
Lazarus Carter
Noemi Carter
Leila M. Carter;
Drakos Dragule.
Great Grandparents:
Diana Marianus.
Aunts and Uncles:
Lucian D. Kishimoto;
Auxilio Phoenix-Carter;
Maca A. Carter;
Arielle Rodd;
Niklaus B. Crowley;
Basilio O. Wraithblood.
Great Aunts & Uncles:
Amelie Zagurian;
Moyu Spiritblood;
Sayuri Hideyoshi;

My Appearance

Her body build is on the thin side, with strong facial features; her gray eyes make her easily identifiable, given they are unique as her person. Medium to long length, light to dark brown hair; falls in unkempt waves and tendrils, complimenting her a-shade-below-being-pale skin and odd eyes; a rosy color only taking to her cheeks, as if she’s always blushing. She’s physically sixteen, she grows in random spurts for something short of puberty but, she has stood at five feet and 7 inches tall for over a year.