Who Am I...

Some guy from Sinnoh.

Romantic Interests

(Please do not RP with me with the intent to do romance, I won't like it.)

My Story Is...

Enos is the creator of his Universe. Namely, he is the god of Arceus, The Original One. Omnipotent in his own right, he sculpted the world to his liking. Even so, it was still too difficult to run all the processes of sustaining an entire universe by himself, so he created many other gods along the way to handle duties for him. Every day, he mantains the existence of the world and oversees the lesser gods.


While once at peace with the humans he created, time and time again, when he appeared before them they sought to control his endless power. As the years went by, this happened not just to Enos, but his underlings as well. More and more, he begins to resent humanity, but tries to hide it.


However, running an entire universe and making sure all these gods stay in line is… tiring. So when given the chance, Enos escapes to other places to try and figure out how to relax and have fun. Now comes the next destination: Hellifyno.


Enos mostly goes incognito – while it might be obvious, he doesn’t want people knowing he’s a god. So he spends his time acting like he is a human. It’s much safer that way in his mind – he’s been nearly murdered by humans in the past who knew who he was, so it’s simply smart to act like you’re not an all powerful god.


So he roams Hellifyno when he gets the chance, fascinated by its endless wonders.

My Appearance

Standing at 5’8”, Enos’ human form is somewhat petite and delicate in stature, not possessing much physical strength. He has green eyes, dark skin, and messy white hair that’s usually pulled to the side in a loose ponytail tied with a golden ribbon. Prefers to dress in a white button up shirt with suspenders and black pants solely so he can snap the suspenders whenever he feels like it.


Physical Inventory:

17 Type Changing Plates – Enos is capable of changing his element with these. They’re stored within his body at all times, but can be removed when he wills it.

Gwylim, the blade that is evil’s bane but of an ordinary name. Incredibly effective against creatures that can be considered “evil” in nature.

Gold Ribbon – There’s nothing inherently special about this item, but Enos cherishes it dearly.




Divine Aura: As a god,  his aura is unusually strong and exerts an immense amount of pressure even on those who are not sensitive to those kind of wavelengths. Usually he works to suppress it to a five foot radius, but when let go it can span hundreds of feet. Actively repels and possibly harms creatures of an “evil” alignment such as demons.


Healing: Enos has a particularly potent affinity for healing magic, for both use on himself and others. He recovers from injuries inflicted by normal weapons in seconds and can even revive from death in minutes.  For others, he can heal most physical ailments by expending his own life force for it.


Omniscience: In the element of his native universe, he experiences a state of hyper vigilance and knows everything there is the moment he needs to. However, in this world were he is not bound to, this omniscience is dulled considerably–on Hellifyno, he can sense other magically inclined beings, and is sensitive to all kinds of magic as well. He still has to investigate what something is if he doesn’t understand it right away.


Elemental Mastery: Whatever plate he has active grants him control over the type/element. He can only use one at once, and changing takes a few seconds. Whichever one is active changes the color of his hair as well. The plates are also each a piece of his soul–to lose a plate would not only have him lose power, but a part of him as well. To destroy all the plates would permanently kill him, so he’s very careful about ever letting them be seen.

My Secrets Are...

Enos thinks he’s very good at pretending he’s a human. He isn’t.