Who Am I...

An Ancient Vampire from Roman times.

Romantic Interests

Eternal life

My Story Is...

…too long to tell. Though, my very name means ‘inescapable’.

My Appearance

Tall and lithe, broad shoulders. Skin as white as smooth marble stone. Standing 6’4” with long and thick jet black wavy hair. Dark blue eyes when acting normal. Blood red when showing my true nature.


extreme strength-equivilant to skin turning as solid as cement
extreme speed – equivalent to blurring so the normal human eye cannot possibly follow, fellow’s like my kind can barely keep up.
extreme cloaking – able to blend completely into shadows, hide within plain sight to the ordinary and enhanced eye.
extreme heightened senses – able to hear, smell, see, feel in unnatural, enhanced ways.
extreme ability to glamour others of lesser ability.

My Secrets Are...


I Believe...

Blood is the way