Dr. Ake Winston



I’m a good scientist, also I practice magic.

I can crawl on walls, using my “gecko” fingers.

Extra regeneration (still painful).

Extraordinary sixth sense – I’m doing something without even thinking about it! (like, dodging from fast driver’s cars… It’s not luck I swear.)

Ignivomy (fire breathing, when on my best I can shoot up to 15m of natural fire.)

I have no wings, and that sucks.

I can instantly metamorphose into more-dragon form (tail, arms are covering with scales and night-vision dragon eyes)

I love chemistry.

Alchemy too.

I’m good at both.

Don’t wanna say it, but I got extra dexterity and strength, but not such big to be like some superhero pr something. I’m more like an athletic dude that can eat and do not get fat.

Who Am I...

Doctor, Sciencist, practically a Teacher, secretly half-dragon.

My Story Is...

I’m Ake Winston, doctor of reptilogy, biology, mythology, paleontology and many others science categories. I’m 27 years old, but I feel fully like 17. It’s all my dragon genes, you know, their endless youth.


My father was a dragon, and his name, translated from ancient language, means “smoke”. Yeah, bad genes… He was a legend, and then came here and met my mother, in Noegard.

He left us very early, and as a joke, said to my mother to give me a name Ake. After eighteen years, here we go – DR.AKE, wingless dragon. More like lizard wolf!

But it’s not that bad. I’m litterally a half-dragon: upper the torso I’m a regular human, and lower… Bright colored scales, black claws… And digitigrade. Yes, dragon genes gave me many goods, but… Not nowadays.

Now, in my home lab I’m trying to make ultimate serum, to control the ratio of dragon’s and human’s genes. So I could be wholly human, and live a normal life, or  become a true dragon, and travel trough the worlds using magic.

So fucking romantic.

My Appearance

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Lightly Brown

Specials: Red, orange, yellow and black scales on my lower torso and legs, that are digitigrade.

Height:  176cm

Weight: 61kg

Mostly all the time I wear special white robe… Actually don’t mind in clothes… Anyway, jeans, jersey, baseball cap/fedora and other. Mostly I never wear shoes, only on public so no one will see my dragonic feet. Sunglasses? Maybe.


Temporarily Reptile Transformation Serum (x2)



GSM (some old Nokia)

Money (17,55$)


My Secrets Are...

I’m a Half-dragon! What could be a bigger secret?

I Believe...

In future there would be no racism. I believe!