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  • Location logo of Ar’Elis 121
    active 54 minutes ago

    The most ancient city on Hellifyno, Ar’Elis is a place or history and lore. Capital of innumerable kingdoms and empires, seat of power to kings and sorcerers it is a place that marries the wonders of the past with […]

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  • Location logo of Consequence 369
    active 54 minutes ago

    Often considered the capital of the planet Hellifyno, Consequence is the largest metropolis on the world, and boasts a population that includes thousands of different species from hundreds of worlds. It’s also a […]

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  • Location logo of Hellifyno 609
    active 55 minutes ago

    The central location of all supernatural learning and activity in the universe.

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  • Location logo of Olde Watch 178
    active 3 days, 4 hours ago

    A bustling sea and star port that acts as the financial center of the planet. Olde Watch features ancient architecture, a diverse and mottled mix of species, and the planet’s largest open marketplace.

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  • Location logo of The Red Light District (18+ Only) 149
    active 5 days, 18 hours ago

    The Western District of Consequence known for its criminal fringe dwellers, purveyors of flesh, dealers of disaster and merchants of the good time. A city within a city and significant driver of Consequence’s […]

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  • Location logo of Persistence 372
    active 5 days, 20 hours ago
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  • Location logo of Torus (Take 2) 21
    active 2 months, 1 week ago

    In the steampunk magical world of Torus there is an Aura for everybody, rather it be blue or gold or weak or strong. In this world the Aura in the persons body is their life force, the origin of their power that […]

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  • Location logo of New Avrilis 55
    active 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    New Avrilis, a city-state made of criminals, slavery, death, drugs and the mafia of the undead. Composed of Vampires, ghouls, demons, humans, nymphs and the occasional wraith, it is a growing port of slave trading […]

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  • Location logo of Dragon Maw Inn 23
    active 4 months, 1 week ago

    The Dragons Maw is a place where weary travelers can eat, rest, and then head out if they so please. It is owned and run by Ravenna Felastine. Sit down, have a drink, enjoy your stay.

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  • Location logo of Regnum Noctis Empire 20
    active 7 months, 2 weeks ago

    In the land of Equestria a new kingdom is raising from the shadows. Regnum Noctis, The Kingdom of the Night. The children of the Night take refuge here, where they can live in the land of enchantment, in the […]

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  • Location logo of Blade Temple 140
    active 9 months ago

    This Temple of Blades is owned by Dante of the Dragule Family. He has more than enough battle experience and the gradings to prove that he is capable of training students in the Way of the Blade. Dante has […]

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  • Location logo of Asgard 158
    active 1 year ago

    The home of the norse Gods. where the brave comes after they dies.
    king: odin
    Queen: Frigga
    Princess: Aldrif Odinsdottir
    the princes:Thor (Thor 1), Balder and Loki
    soliders/ Guards:

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  • Location logo of The Galactic Republic. 39
    active 1 year ago

    The Galactic Republic was a representative democracy, composed of various star systems, sectors and member worlds throughout most of the known galaxy. The galactic Republic, also known as the republic, cons […]

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  • Location logo of The New Sith Empire 103
    active 1 year ago

    This will be the 5th Sith Empire to raise its self out of the ashes of the others. The previous ruler believed that the empire could be ruled without an Emperor, needless to say that she was killed. The Sith […]

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  • Location logo of Sith Academy Ruins 87
    active 1 year ago

     To be allowed to even walk through the entrance to the Academy is difficult path, and the life of a student is more difficult. To be admitted, prospective students were required to impress one of the teachers or […]

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  • Location logo of League of Assassins 26
    active 1 year, 4 months ago

    The League of Assassins was founded by Ra’s al Ghul (exactly when is unknown) to be ”the fang that protects the head”. Members of the League demonstrated willingness to die at a word from Ra’s. They have […]

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  • Location logo of New Naboo 39
    active 1 year, 6 months ago

    .An idyllic world close to the border of the Outer Rim Territories, Naboo is inhabited by peaceful humans known as the Naboo, and an indigenous species of intelligent amphibians called the Gungans. Naboo’s surface […]

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  • Location logo of Tsuikia Family Castle 25
    active 1 year, 8 months ago

    This is where the Tsuikia Family resides and lives at!
    Only those that kaito allows himself may enter this castle.

    After the destruction of the castle, and the war with Old Watch, Kaito found a new spot to […]

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  • Location logo of The Fallen Core 55
    active 2 years, 2 months ago

    The third branch of the Fallen Core hidden in a forest of never ending darkness. Within the deadly forest is a maze, its center is the home of the Zoan. To even have made it to the maze is a feat in of itself, but […]

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  • Location logo of School for Gifted Creatures 36
    active 2 years, 3 months ago

    This is the school that Vex goes to to further his training, who knows there might be other students interested to further themselves.

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  • Location logo of Night Raid 43
    active 2 years, 4 months ago

    (Possible Akame ga Kill! Spoilers)

    Night Raid’s main function is to handle intelligence and assassinations within the capital of the Empire. In addition, the members of Night Raid are charged with the retrieval […]

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  • Location logo of Mystic Realm 29
    active 2 years, 6 months ago

    In the Mystic Realm the style of the world everyone lives in is Victorian and there are a few kingdoms spread through out the lands.
    The main Kingdom in the center is the Amethyst crown. Ruled by the head witch […]

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  • Location logo of The forest of enchantment 19
    active 2 years, 7 months ago

    This enchanted forest has many secrets waiting to be unlocked. what every you find has meaning and what you cannot find is waiting to be found.

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  • Location logo of Moonlight Enchanted Castle 11
    active 2 years, 9 months ago

    Hollow’s new and improved castle.

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