Yulia Fowl

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Spouse of Arcturus Fowl

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Greetings, my name is Yulia Fowl I am both a member of the Skymoon and Fowl Family.  I am 1600 years old and the Goddess of Purity.  Originally I was just a normal human who exceeded others being a sole protector of the world. For this, I was rewarded with a position as a goddess among the S Rank Gods and Goddesses.  In Present times, I live with my husband Arcturus Fowl and my two daughters Lily and Lucinda Fowl.

My Appearance

Skymoon Dress


Holy Fire- As a goddess of purity Yulia can use Holy Fire which is similar to Eternal or Black Flames, that burns for indefinite time.  The power of Holy Fire depends on the purity of the user’s heart.  Therefore, Yulia is able to use the ability to its fullest potential.

Bullet Time Combat- Using this special form of combat Yulia is able to be one step ahead of her opponents at all times.  (Bullet Time- The inflicter can freeze time  giving them the advantage to dodge an attack or etc.)

Purification– Being the goddess of Purity, Yulia possesses extremely effective cures for changes in status such as a curse, poisoning and etc.

Item Void- Exactly what the name says, it’s a void for Yulia to store items currently not in use.  She managed to pull out one of her husband’s dirty, unsanitary socks once during a battle. Yuck.

Falcon’s Crest- “Imperial Soaring Blue Destructive Slash” A sacred sword arte passed down by those with the purest hearts.  When Yulia uses it she casts a holy seal on the ground around her trapping the enemy’s movement, leaping into the air she charges her dual wield rune blades with holy magic and slams down on the enemy creating an eruption of energy.

Runic Shell- Although not truly visible Yulia has enhancement runes on her skin which activate during dire situations increasing agility, power and resistance. Side effect: Nothing too bad just don’t look when they activate because if overdrive mode is initiated… her clothing explodes

Bloodcurdling- Yulia secretly has an evil side inside her.  This evil side is a representation of her but with an insane, and bloodthirsty personality.  Once unleashed, she can massacre thousands in one second.

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Everyone can be forgiven if they show change