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My Story Is...

Aiden is distanced from his family both emotionally and physically, being some many thousand light years away from the Gamma Expanse. After leaving his home as a teenager, Aiden found work at a research lab, where he allowed experiments to be performed on him in the realm of quantum mechanics. His true talent, however came much later when he began to utilize his skills at reverse engineering in fields of missing persons and civilian navigation.


Aiden has an eye for detail and an amazing sense of intuition, often blending both skills together for an imaginative and deductive approach to problem solving. He does struggle to maintain a good social network of friends, however. He can go for weeks meticulously chasing after a riddle, at the expense of caring for those around him.

My Appearance

Aiden avoids extravagant clothing, sometimes opting for salvaged jeans or slacks from pawn shops. He dons a long leather jacket fitted with fur inside. He has jet black hair, trimmed and combed, but a bit messy. Aiden’s jaw line shows a five o’clock shadow, as he is known to work on cases throughout the night and miss sleep.


Aiden’s irises are very dark, but sometimes reflect hints of amber in the right lighting.

My Secrets Are...

Aiden can assimilate the DNA of living creatures, whenever their blood or secretions mix with his. Results may vary, but in most cases, Aiden can alter his physicality to match the species (and sometimes gender) of the assimilated.

I Believe...

Everyone has something to hide.