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Lucky by birth ever since I could remember I was always lucky this helped me in many different ways but I will tell you one, for now, no matter what happens I can always escape death

Nature Calls hey animals love me and I love them seeing that I can talk to them and they help me whenever I need their help

Green Flames you don’t want to mess with me when I’m angry seeing that I can control green flames that burn nearly everything they touch


Who Am I...

If it matters than ask me

Romantic Interests

Being free

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Hello, there let me tell you a story what is it about well wait your horses and I will tell ya. This you see this story is about a young girl growing up without a mother figure. You see all she had was her drunk father and her two adorable twin brothers Aedan and Alibe. Ever since she could remember she had to play the role of the mother father and older sister but not only that she was also the only one who kept the food on the table. working as a farmer she was always stronger than she looked which is saying a lot seeing that most of the food was for her brothers and her father leaving only a little for her. You could say it was in her blood that she always had luck wherever she went no matter what happened. There were multiple times when she should have died but she always seems to escape an untimely fate. Well as time passed her life was going great that was until that fateful day when she left the farm to go into town hoping to get some fresh meats for a lovely stew. But when she returned home she watched in horror as her beloved house and farm burned down. But not all was lost she quickly spotted her brothers hiding behind a tree after running over to them and making sure they were okay she asked them where dad was. When she did not get an answer from them she knew what happened her father was no longer with them. Yes, this was the same father who was a drunk and never helped out around the house and farm but he was still her father the only parent she ever knew. After the fire was put out by the local fire department she made the decision to take her brothers and leave. And so ever since they have been traveling the world never looking back.

My Appearance

Pale skin not that I can tan anyways I would just burn I have light brown eyes with long brownish orange hair in the back it hangs past my shoulders while the front left covers past my eye but the front right curls around my face and ends past my neck I have a green four leave clover tattoo on my right shoulder my clothing consists of a black scarf  a green tank top and bra black jeans and white socks with green sneakers I also have a black and green hat

My Secrets Are...

To be honest I don’t really have many secrets

I Believe...

That family comes first before all else