Krieger DM

Who Am I...

Don't worry about it

My Story Is...

He keeps to himself mostly, especially about his past. All that is clear, he was professionally trained in military matters, combat, and technology. When asked about things he doesn’t wish to speak about “Don’t worry about it” is his motto. The man was recently contracted and commissioned by Orbyte, an up and coming company with other dimensional origins. He works as a crew captain for them, building his own crew and a reputation for him and Orbyte.

My Appearance

With slightly graying hair, a well maintained goatee, and a dark brown eye that shows this man has been through many things. He stands strong and tall, and has an unflinching demeanor. He wears an old uniform of his usually with the coat unbuttoned. His body is covered in scarred, lean muscle. He has one tattoo on his left arm which reads (Will be added later).

He is hardly ever seen without a cigarette in his mouth, and when he is relaxing he has a flask or a rocks glass in his hand.