I like music,singing,dancing,Drawing and animating.

Who Am I...

I roleplay as my ocs Btb,Alcatraz,and 7

My Story Is...

Btb(6)is a demon who likes music and cake but hates closets,7,pineapples,and scary stories.His friend is Alcatraz.His parents were killed by seven when he was 5 years old.He grew up lonely until he met Alcatraz.Btb can morph and teleport.

Alcatraz is a small ferret like creature who was an orphan.He was adopted and raised and he likes ice cream,cake,and pizza but hates the dark.His friend is Btb.he can also morph and teleport.

My Appearance

Btb is 7’4 and has white fur.he has two small horns and blue transparent wings.he has a blue and pink circle around his left eye.he has a tail that looks like a feather is blue,green,and pink.

Alcatraz is 3’9 and has grey fur


Btb carries a Fennekin plush,a sachel,and a knife.

Alcatraz carries nothing.

I Believe...

in every mythical creature.