Merric "Minnow" Silvan

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Who Am I...

Alchemical engineer

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Sharing a space

My Story Is...

I’ve been a lot of things.  Adventurer, scholar,  engineer, weapon maker.  Almost all of them I have failed at.  Now I just try to live without much interference.   Often I stay at my workshop.  Building and working on either my own projects or those of people who have sought me out.  I’m not the friendliest person in the world.  Life has a way of changing a person that way,  not that I was the best to begin with.  Still I’m trying to be a better person then I was yesterday.  One step at a time.   So if you need something made,  or repaired i might be able to help you out.

My Appearance

Height- 4 foot 11 inches

Weight- 122

Age- 18

Hair- Reddish blonde

Eyes- Jade green


Merric is small for a male his age as well will not be growing anymore.  Hence the nickname Minnow.  While not as physically impressive as most of his peers, he is still pretty agile due to his smaller size.  His skin is paler in color then most as he does not usually see a lot of sun light.  Where he is from it is sword play that rules the land.  So armor of leathers and light clothing are the norm for him.


Minnow’s left arm is artificial.  Hand crafted by the youth himself.  The outer casing is comprised of space age metals.  Sturdy and reinforced with alchemy to keep it from breaking easily.  Inside is a network of wiring that is both electrical and alchemical.  A fusion of technology and alchemy.  It holds some secrets woven into the design.  Most the young engineer keeps close to his chest.


Random Ghost â?? Mechanical Arm (crop) by Frederic Daoust


Rail gun hand cannon.  Specially crafted gun.  It’s grip has a DNA reader on the handle which is tuned to Merric’s signature.  Holds eight rounds.  Fires platinum mixed with silver cased shells, tipped with adamantium.  A pain to make but will stop most things in their tracks at 8000 feet per second velocity. (Stored away for safe keeping)


A smaller version of the rail gun given to him.  Hand crafted by Minnow himself.  Runs on the same properties as the larger caliber hand cannon but this is more comparable to a standard pistol.  Being smaller it only travels at about half the rate as the hand cannon.  Still uses the same silver mixed bullets.


Basic adventuring gear, bedroll, lamp, rope, blanket and rations.


Tool pouch, which usually contains the items he needs to do minor repairs.  Wrench, screwdrivers, hammer and his notebook.


Alchemist pouch.  Holds a few premade potions as well as times such as a thunderstone, tanglebag, and alchemist’s fire.  The outside of this pouch has been refitted to hold ammunition.  Two pouches one for his hand cannon and one for his rifle.


Winchester Model 1894 lever action rifle.  Custom built by Merric himself, his first true success here and he carries it lovingly with him to remind himself of what he is capable of.


Portal coin


10 inch dagger made from muscle, tendon and bone.  Surprisingly sharp.


Tiny, palm sized skull of a ghoul.  Very much alive as it can snap and bite. Seems to have taken a liking to Minnow as it will purr when held. Keeps it as a necklace by having it bite down on a bit of string.


Upgraded his packs to a bag of holding.  Allowing him to carry more of his items and components without needing as many packs.


Crafting skills- Alchemy, metalworks (various metals, from bronze to titanium), gunsmithing, ammosmithing, flesh crafting, advanced engineering.  Also skilled in using alchemy to enhance other crafting means.

My Secrets Are...

Many.  Some more important then others.  Yet secret all the same.

I Believe...

In my work.