Alduin Noxdrogo

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Looks based on Luke Evans, Travis Fimmel

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Who Am I...

Alduin Lothar Noxdrogo Rouge Warrior/Ancient Hellfire Shadow Vampire Dragon

Romantic Interests

Straight ( But heart is darknened to love. Maybe one day he will open up but for now he doesn't trust love or family)

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Rhaegar Alduin is a warrior of Justice. He comes from a warrior line of Hellifyno Rouges.

Adopted by Amun Lothar after falling to Insanity from his wife’s death as a man named Rhaegar Hellheart. Amun taught him to control his emotions.

Rhaegar was hatched from a Vampire Dragon egg, With being hatched in the hellfire the vampire dragon absorbed the hellfire into it’s being and with Raziel using his blood gave him the powers of Shadow. This was over 30000 years ago. He is now an Ancient Hellfire Shadow Vampire Dragon.

He has darkened his heart and soul with the dagger of Raziel as he had his heart broken too many times or every relationship he has been in has ended in disaster.

Alduin didn’t trust much anymore but that happens when a person that has done nothing wrong gets shunned and made to look like a bad person when he really wasn’t. He was once a caring, lovable person once a rare in a man. But now that man is gone. And why should he care when it only brings pain to him.

My Appearance

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Dragon form  950 meters tall 528-meter long black dragon form with 600 meters wide wingspan.

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Full armor

Height 7’4″


Dark Excalibur



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Duel lightsaber