Keeghan Dex (Alduin Rhaegar) Nightscythe

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The true Alduin and original

Looks based on Jason Momoa

Name: Alduin Rhaegar Keeghan Dex Nightscythe the devourer of worlds                 and souls.

Age looks: early thirties

Real age: 378,638

True Race: Ancient Parasite Phoenix Hellfire Vampyre Shadow Dragon

Race look: Vampyre.

Height: 7’6″ ( Vampire) 1237 meters head to legs, 127 meters long tail, 900 meters wings for a 2800 meter wingspan ( Dragon) Don’t give a fuck about physics as it is a fantasy creature and if you don’t like it you can clearly go fuck yourself .

Hair: Black

Eyes: Bright ice blue with red slit pupils and black sclera

He has more power then one could imagine with everybody he possesses he takes that body’s DNA and powers when he is killed in that body or deems the body useless, he has possessed the bodies of gods ( Zeus from another realm, Horus, Enili, Hachiman, Raijin. ), dangerous creatures like a Chimera, Basilisks ( Which would explain his immunity to the stone stare), Scylla, Griffin, Centaur, Minotaur,Naga, Hydra, Ice Vampire Angels, Archangels, Demons.

Who Am I...

Alduin Rhaegar Keeghan Dex Nightscythe Vampyre/ Alduin Great Wyrm Hellfire Vampyre Shadow Dragon

Romantic Interests


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My Story Is...

Rhaegar was hatched from a Vampire Dragon egg, With being hatched in the hellfire the vampire dragon absorbed the hellfire into it’s being and with Raziel using his blood gave him the powers of Shadow. This was over 300000 years ago. He is now an Ancient Hellfire Shadow Vampire Dragon.

He has darkened his heart and soul with the dagger of Raziel as he had his heart broken too many times or every relationship he has been in has ended in disaster.

Alduin didn’t trust much anymore but that happens when a person that has done nothing wrong gets shunned and made to look like a bad person when he really wasn’t. He was once a caring, lovable person once a rarity in a man. But now that man is gone. And why should he care when it only brings pain to him. He can be cold-natured but treat him well and he will warm up.

Rhaegar reinvented himself with still his dragon being Alduin his human like form of his vampiric ice wraith form  is now known as Keeghan Dex. He has lost interest in females because of how he was treated.

Father to Briven Lucius Nightscythe And Mordecai Seth Nightscythe

My Appearance


Human-like form

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Full Vampire form

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DragonSee the source image

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Full armor

Height 7’6″

His Odin form with the Over Sword of Asgard

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Dark Excalibur

Gungnir Spear

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Over Sword of Asgard

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Axe of Valhalla

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Gaia’s Wrath Sword of Adament

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My Secrets Are...

I am a nice guy underneath the coldness of nature

I Believe...

the goodness in people when it is in order