Aleena Freeson

Who Am I...

"A Cursed Bastard"

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

“I gave him love! And he shown me disrespect! That nasscicss such foolish I was…. Aprodite makes love stories not bastards… Lord of love chidren .. May I try to become holy in Zeuses reign all for nothing Persphone’s love of an asain apple… ALL FOR NOTHING !!!” She cursed and yelled poor aphordite had one thing left fo do but to burn off that mistress of a whore <she isnt welcomed in hell court anymore> “Messanger of Hermes daughter I LAUGH AT THE MOMENT HE FIGURED THAT BIRTH RIGHT OF A CURSE SHALL DO IT!!” She took a breathe Aphrodite always picked up others messes she’ll do it with a tissue she’ll do it all

??Take the throne at 17 her blood of a full monster may rule she will do anything for family her mother’s head will take a toll for her name is Aleena Freeson the daughter of a phenoix fire may enlight… Hades will escape this wrath but not … His wife’s??

“Cerberus take this book from me thats enough of witten history for now….”

??Aleena sighs??

“I make my own destiny… After all”

??The distant scream of Hades and her step mother Persphone ranted in the distant cloak air. One saying; “Why does she need to take the throne while I’m gone My mother will completely understand” ?? Hearing her father… Yelled as the vioce didnt give her death bumps just comfort whispers… A father is a daughters first love?? “IT ISN’T ABOUT YOU! PERSEPHONE, ITS ABOUT POWER SHE IS THE FULL HUMAN LOOKING SHIFTER WITH THE POWER ONLY OF DEMONIC POSSESSION SHE KEEPS EVERY SAFE WHY WON’T YOY UNDERSTAND THAT?!?!?”

??Then there was glass and not only the one’s her father and step mother threw at each other. Something no one can hear??

My Appearance



A kitten in my hair named light


Spell book for secret sins ((Metaphiclly used story))

Ect from Powers



My Secrets Are...

“You can’t keep secrects in Royal Court Specailly not in Hell”

I Believe...

"In Making my own Destiny"