Alexandria and Tabitha Tobias


Alexandria Tobias was born after her elder brother, Leo, millennia ago. Her father was the first dragon and thus King of Dragons, the leader of their species. Alex differs from other dragons; Her father and his children are a different species from regular dragons. They are Royal Dragons, source of magic throughout their universe. Her eldest brother has power over water and ice, where Alex has control over fire; Along with its companions like smoke.

Alex met her wife in the twelfth century during the crusades. Tabitha is a demon and so her presence attracted holy knights who almost killed her. But Alex intervened at the last minute, saving her life. Alex took her future wife out of Europe to her personal castle hidden beneath a volcano. There she nurtured her to health. Tabitha left shortly after her wounds had healed but returned a week later to start repaying her debt. Tabitha began to fall in love with Alex as she continually returned to the castle. After a decade of working to repay her debt they began to date. A few years later they were married. Now Alex runs two businesses, one a bar that she co-owns with her elder brother, another as a psycologist from an office close to their home. Their children have long since grown up and moved on to live their own lives.

Who Am I...

I'm Alexandria, Second in line to the Throne of Dragons, and the Queen of Fire.

Romantic Interests

I'm attracted to all genders.

Relationship Status

I'm happily married to my wife, but we're comfortable with sharing.

My Story Is...

Tabitha was born to two demon parents. An anomaly since most demons are former humans corrupted by their time in hell. So unlike most she is actually kind and is careful not to harm others. And as mentioned in Alex’s backstory they met in the midst of the crusades. She was living in a small village trying to learn more about humans since she was outside of hell for the first time in her life. She was initially accused of being a witch causing priests to come out. But sensing her corruption they called out the holy warriors. Alex was travelling through at the time and heard of the ‘witch.’ So she went out and arrived as the knights were marching towards Tabitha’s home. She arrived as they were about to strike the final blow. And the rest is history. Alex opened a portal and went to her castle to heal Tabby and tend to the wounds that she couldn’t heal with magic. For the week she was gone she went back to hell to tell her parents what had happened, and gain the powers of the circle she was sent to as an adult. Turning her into a succubus. This is when she returned to Alex. Giving her a chance to learn how to control her powers around someone she cared for.

My Appearance

The picture shown is of Alexandria and is from Koz23 on Deviantart. (If you want me to take it off just let me know)

Warning 18+ link below And this Tabitha