Myles Chirstina

Intro Video


**Character Info**

Orginal Full Name:

Myles “Alex” Hrro

DOB:June 10th
Species:Demon, Wolf Human Hybrid
Magic:Rematerallize & Color

Weapon of Choice:

Shinshinto Katana

Who Am I...

Ruler Of Chirstina Harbour

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Married to Amara Chirstina

My Story Is...

Born as a Marie

When I was born,like my slibbings (Alyssa,Sierra & Xavier),we were all born with Hybroxia because of what our parents did to create and what there species was.

No Calling

Alyssa loved Nature,Sierra loved Family,Xavier loved Graveyards and what did I love..I foolishy denyed that history was my calling when my powers go around it. So I oftened blamed my father for not helping me with this even though something happened when I could remember this

Shock to Fool’s Deals

When my mother died of the Emerald Plauge from a assassin from my Grandfather Aaron,After that my Father started to suffer and often lost his own life to be relived by Sierra.

Staying with Amara

So after that me and Sierra had a fight,I ran away believing that he and her were the enemy.

I fought against them in the Post-Gemival wars finding out that my Mother was back

Finishing what I started

When I turned 12 and Amara’s mother was safe,I sailed the vessel me and her created and attacked the dome of his cabin,only to stab myself in the stomach after being confronted

Taking what my Aunt & Fyzenguard gave me

Thanks to them,I was able to make the correct choice bringing me and Amara onto the right side of the fight.

I now will fix and fight beside my father hoping to beat my grandfather Hrro for his crimes against his own son

Blind as a Bat

After I brutally murdered my father and aunt with the help of my trainer,I was forced a couple days later to relive him and drag my father away from the war with his father,my grandpa Hrro who I didn’t cut off and the same went for Melody who is my God Mom.

I later decided to try and assassinate my mother: Mikayla Augustia Marie (Skymoon)  but my slibbings came to her defense so I retreated to the manison and lifted it off of the crust of Hellifyno & Cadenziera forever leaving the world and not coming back till I’m 25

My Appearance


Eyes:Royal Blue

Hair:Light Brown

Clothing:Jacket,Jeans and Boots


Thorned Paintbrush

Private Commucation Weaponry System Device

My Secrets Are...

A apprentice shall not reveal any of his or her sercets to the enemy,only to his or her lover

I Believe...

Chances are just the pity party of negative and hatred art,which I believe I don't like that!