Alfred Valentine

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Alfred Galen Valentine

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The child of the vampiress Darla Valentine and HUNK of the Umbrella special forces also known as Mr. Death.  Alfred was born with special blood that could absorb any type of virus or poison. He is also force-sensitive  He became a viable asset to Umbrella to do experiments on. He can be cold but treat him with respect and he will show it in return.  His mother murdered and his father has gone missing so he has no one and has nothing to lose so he will risk anything and everything to keep anyone who is innocent safe.

Alfred was not human even though he looked like one, he was a force-sensitive Vampire hybrid with 24 instead of 23 chromosomes, it made him special as his blood can absorb viruses and poisons and instead of harming him he adapts to them and can even utilize them as a weapon.

At the age of 18, his mother was killed in front of him by an employee of Umbrella and his father was missing when he was 21. At the age of 22, he began traveling the galaxy learning what he could about the force and made his aquamarine saber and found the obsidian darksaber.

Father HUNK

Mother Darla Valentine

My Appearance

6’9″ tall with Dark brown short hair and blue eyes that turn crimson when upset.

Name: Alfred Galen Valentine

Age 28

Race: Vampire/Human hybrid with a 24th chromosome that makes him special

Hair: Dark brown

Eyes blue turns crimson when upset and angry

Homeworld: Earth but traveled and trained on Planet Devaron then traveled to Hellifyno to explore.

Looks  Theo James and Starkiller Galen Merek







Silver chain whip sword

.45 Raptor.


Two light saber that can join it be one one aquamarine kyber crystal and the other obsidian darksaber kyber crystal.