Nishi Hagakuwae

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Nishi is a powerful opponent, his abilities are extreme accuracy, being able to make his bones denser at will, Inhuman reflexes with many more. His body was enhanced to take down and execute almost any target. Like mages and magic users he was equipped with the abilities to Dull and nullify magic. He has a healing factor if you were to break his ribs they would heal in a couple of hours. His high pain tolerance makes it to the point were if he was captured you wouldn’t get a word out of him. Poison has little to no effect to him because his body fights it off easily.

Who Am I...

A assassin

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My Story Is...

Nishi was a troubled child, he would laugh when a dog bumped his nose and laugh again when the dog bumped it’s nose straight into a car. He belonged to a rich family his parents knew he needed mental help but they were to ashamed to get him any. When he was a child they locked him in his room often with the blinds closed from the outside… I guess you call wooden boards blinds. The only time he was ever taken out of his room was when there was a event or a dinner party. This drove him to insanity, one night he picked the hunting rifle of his parents bed and shot them dead in their sleep. When the police came he was cold felt like he couldn’t breathe, thoughts ran threw his head like THEY DESERVED IT. As the cops knocked on the door his body moved before he could think he ran. Getting away but not before one of the cops nailed him in arm with a bullet. He escape to the city and was later found passed out next to a dumpster behind the local cafe. He net a man, being in his 60s he didn’t move around well he took him in treating his wounds. They were short-staffed at the time and the old man asked him to help around, in return he told him that he could provide a place to stay. He accepted his offer then his training began the old man was a character. He put Nishi threw training because when he wasn’t making coffee his second hobby was martial arts. Carrying the crates and moving around the storage room built muscle very fast. He gave him a training list that he would do everyday at the end of his shifts. While working for the old man he kinda became family. Then the Mafia came in town and the old man refused to pay and held his ground. Then two weeks later he was found shot and beat up in a dark alley. Nishi took over the cafe and while cleaning up still mourning his death he found a crimson red Knife hidden in a box in the storage room. In the box, he also found old pictures of people with Xs drawn threw them. He inspected the blade on the side a name was engraved in it it was the old man’s name. It was his he knew it, as he clenched the Knife he said I’ll make them pay for what they have done. He then killed the people who were believed to be responsible for his death, by assassinating them. Taking them into alleys killing them but not before he made them suffer. Next he went for people higher on the chain. Then when he got to the boss he bit off more than he could chew. A bodyguard came from behind and shot him in the back. Falling on the ground he didn’t breathe and played dead. Then when leader kicked him he didn’t move, the man got close to him and said  this is what happens when you mess with a Fal… He  couldn’t finish his sentence because Nishi had already stabbed him in the neck. He escaped barely with his life and left town. {This isn’t the end I’m still working on it}

My Appearance

6 foot 3 and has red hair with red eyes. He usually wears combat clothing, with pads.