Ali Bell


At three thirty five, on the morning of August third, Alice Heaven Bell was born in the dirty, polluted water of an ‘alley’ canal, in Venice Italy. A small girl with gentle locks of silver, and big curious yellow eyes, her mother, Melina Kate Bell, immediately knew that she was far to precious and pure for the life of poverty her daughter would endure.

“Money makes people greedy, little one-” her mother used to tell her  “and thats why we don’t have much. So we are grateful for what we do have.”

But really, she was just hiding the fact that they were indeed poor. While other people had houses on docks, Alice and Melina lived on a small boat. Utterly distinguished, the only thing Alice found pride in was her painting.

As soon as she could pick up a brush, Alice spent most of her time painting. For Alice, it was an escape from poverty, from sadness, and from her mother insistence that they were ‘living the dream!’.

In school, Alice was known as, ‘water dwelling Ali’, for the secret of her home life was not a secret for very long.

When Alice started fourth grade, Melina noticed she was more withdrawn than usual. For a long while she let it go, for almost three years, thinking it was just a phase.

But when Alice was twelve years old, Melina walked in on a scene that had her heart breaking, and had her paralyzed in fear.

There sat her small girl, bent over bloodied wrists, cut from a razor blade she had in hand, as tears dropped to the carpeted floor of her small room.

Finally, Alices’ eyes fluttered, and the razor blade slipped from her small hand, Melina had cried out, and leaped into action, scooping her up to take her straight to the on shore hospital at the other end of the city.

After that night, every sharp object in their boat was taken and locked in a safe. Alice was taken out of school, and home schooled, and was no longer allowed to be left alone.

Alice knew that she’d scared her mother, but she thought her to be overreacting.

Her friend, Lana, thought the same. She swam through the mucky water of the canals to ‘bust’ Alice from her prison at night when Melina slept.

One night, Lana took the girl to a boat party. Alice, after taking one look at the drugs, booze, and sex in the floating house, turned and left.

When she got home, her mother sat awake in the dark. Afraid she was gonna be punished, she wouldn’t meet her mother’s gaze, until she heard it.. the broken sob her mother gave her.

She rushed to her, and hugged her tight, while she cried into Alices’ shoulder.

“Mama?” She had whispered hesitantly. Melina had sobbed and began to explain how she was sick.

From that day on, Alice never left her mothers side. She made sure to wait on her at her beck and call… Three months later, her mother died in her sleep.

After losing her mother, Alice left Venice unable to deal with living where her mother had died.

She hadnt realized the plane would go down while she was sleeping.

When Alice awoke from her nap, the plane around her was in large states of destruction. Somehow everyone except her was dead, all in different mutilated corpses. Fire rages around her, and smoke filled the plane as she hurriedly scrambled from her seat. Only to find she was stuck.

Still disoriented, she passed a look around, before screaming as she saw her left leg pinned between her seat, and a sharp pole that had pierced her flesh.

Shocked she hadnt noticed it right away, she fought to free her leg, doing everything she could as the smoke around her thickened.

Before long, she couldn’t see, smoke and ash clogged her lungs, and her leg was still stuck!

At a last resort, Alice hefted the pole up as best she could, and dragged herself from the seat. There, she was able to lodge the pole between two seats, and pull it from her leg.

It was agony, but she was free. Pulling herself, seat by seat, to a smoldering hole in the planes hull, she managed to crumble to the ground outside. There, she passed out from blood loss and exhaustion.

For the second time in two days, Alice woke up in an unfamiliar place. Only this time, it was a cave, and a woman was knelt over her, cleaning her leg.

The woman’s name was Elaina. Elaina had been living in a small forested area of hellifyno, only a mile from Alices’ plane crash.

The woman nursed her back to health, and took her under her wing, teaching her how to fight, hunt, and survive off the land should she ever need to.

When Alice turned seventeen, Elaina decided to go to a nearby village, only three days walk from their cave, and fetch her rare, and exotic berries for her birthday. She never returned.

Alice, distraught and terrified, set out to find Elaina, only to find herself in Consequence weeks later.

She hasnt forgotten about her friend. And still, searches to find her.

Alices’ personality is a gentle one. She is soft spoken, shy, and extremely innocent in the things she does.

She does not like swearing, and is very bashful when she hears talk of sex.

Even though Alice has no magical powers to date, she still can protect herself just fine with her wit.


Who Am I...

A simple human girl, looking for a lost memory.

Romantic Interests

Men and women

Relationship Status


My Appearance

Alice stands at a mere four six, weighing at only ninety or so pounds. She is lithe however, graceful, and agile.

Her hair is long, never been cut, and a soft shimmery silver color, making it hard to believe that she is human.

Her eyes are  an exotic yellow, and her skin a gentle peachy tone.

Usually, Alice wears a yellow hoodie, with a dark blue skirt, suspenders, sheer thigh highs, and  knee high combat boots, as well as a barette.





A small dagger she wears in her combat boot.

I Believe...

Being rich kills.. yet so does being poor.