black glass

Who Am I...

i am what left of a happy child. the shell of joy filled with hate and anger…but the power to control the mind and world around me.

Romantic Interests

…dateing is a waste of time

My Story Is...

i was born to 2 human. a man and a woman, taken from them at the age of 3 and sent to a lab. i was used to find out if some methods of human torment could be deadly,and to test power on or within. i have been there till today. you see today i turn 21 and they can no longer hold me agunst my will. i am free on iron collar and electric chain. but in my mind i still belong to them.

My Appearance

alice stand 5’11 when slouching but is 6’2 when standing stright. she wheres a leather mask over her mouth and nose covering the scars from nail muzzles and torment devices that left riged scars in her cheekc and jaws. and hole with steel keeps so she cant drink without a straw. he normal outfit is a navy blue shirt with the fades words ” i dont bow down to men” and a black leather jacket over it. her bear arms are scard and her vains are blue/black . she has long worn blue jeans and army boots with a knife at her hip and a gun across her chest.


2 pistols. a knife and a staff she can sommon when deeply in need.

My Secrets Are...

there called secrets for a reson love.

I Believe...

….if life is so dam short…WHY AM I STILL HERE