Alistra Windsorrow-Jerrickson


My father was raised on a ship, as was his father before him. To this day, I carry on the family business as a merchant ship named The Dancing Mare. Spices is what I primarily trade, but I can manage a few other things. With the help of my first mate Jerion, an elf who helped raise me when my own father left me when I was a babe, I have a wonderful route for trade. When my mother died shortly after of a broken heart of the loss of my father, Jerion continued to rule the ship with an iron fist. The majority of my life’s lessons I learned from the tall elf. And as Jerion always says, “The crew is the family, and the ship is home.” So my crew, and my ship, go everywhere with me. Except as of late. Following my route through the high seas, we were in pursuit, away from dual ships of pirates after my cargo. One of my crew and Jerion had me above deck, controling the wind in our sails with hopes of getting out of the pirates grasps. But all hope was lost when a cannon blast took my main mast, causing us to begin to overturn with it’s weight, the water filling the sails, pulling several of my men down.  When I spun the helm, Jerion shouted for me to help with a rigging. As I did, he had shoved a green seabag in my arms and pushed me to the center of the cargo net, where another one of my crew was preparing a magic chant. I tried to move, but with the magic chant, it caused my legs to become weighted. I shouted and cried for Jerion and my crew, but they all knew this was the best. So, a portal was opened, landing me in the middle of the road of a desolate area of woods and trees. Now; I stand in the wood, delierious, lost, and on solid land. Not on The Dancing Mare.  Not only was I stuck in this perdicament, I had no way of getting back and finding my crew. If they were still alive. When I left, it was August in the Year of 1680, and it still seems a bit like August here…. Or is it?

Who Am I...

I am a daughter of the ocean, born and bred to sail.

Romantic Interests

Married to Jeremiah Jerrickson

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

For now… I will walk, until I can no longer walk. Hopes of finding a town, or an inn, or the shoreline would be dim considering how thick the woods are that I am in. Taking in a deep breath, I raised my chin, “WHERE THE BLOODY HELL AM I??!!” My voice echoed into the silence of the woods, and the only thing that answered were the birds flying away. “Holy mother, this is worse than when I lost my eye!” Growling, I slung my bag over my shoulder, set my hand on my blade, and began walking with the wind at my back.

Captains Log… Day…. Forgotten… Year… Unknown….

“I’ve learned… Portals do not bode well with me. They not only allow people to simply walk through, but get place to place. They get me place to place… in a more unflattering manner. I end up flipped around, spun, and landing in or on things. Up to including my own face. Surprised I have not broken my nose yet. Eventually, perhaps, I will get the hang of these portals. But, I am certain that my born abilities are not too fond of mixing with these portals of travel. I’ve tried several times now, only to end up thrown around like a banner in a storm.  In conclusion…. I do not like these portals. AT ALL!

My Appearance


Age- 28
Height- 5’4

Weight- 150lbs

Eyes- Aqua Blue, blind in right eye.

Hair- Scarlet Red/short

Skin- Tanned


White tunic, long sleeved, usually rolled up.

Black fitted pants.

Grey gloves.

Blue tricorn hat.

Gold strip of fabric over the right eye.

Black knee high boots, buckled.



Blue tricorn hat

Delicate double edged sword

Bag with two books, candle, daggers, rope, and a change of clothes

My Secrets Are...

A secret told is no longer a secret… Just as the Fortune Teller told me, my love is somewhere, just not where I was looking.

I Believe...

I believe in nothing until I see it.