• A few hours before midnight, Adam quietly slipped into the infirmary, a kinpad in his hand. He noted that Allegra was sound asleep, an untroubled sleep at last. She was curled up next to Jack who was not asleep.

  • Allegra had woken up while it was still dark out. Jack was still sleeping soundly and she carefully untangled herself from him and went into their private sitting room, taking out her files. For the next several

  • Allegra stood by the large windows in the area just outside of the shuttle bay, looking down upon Saladina Europa. It was a planet of turquoise blue seas and golden color land masses. She found herself worrying

  • Allegra was sitting on the floor in the middle of her room wearing only her olive drab cotton bikinis and a thin white tank top. Her hair was piled on top of her head in a beautiful mess, secured only by a pen.

  • When they had returned home to Haven, Allegra and Jack had accompanied Striker straight to Juliet in the medbay. She had been sitting on one of the stools, writing out chemical equations for whatever she was

  • Group 1 Allies-

    Group 2 Allies-

    Group 3 Allies-

    (*- Fleming and Davinci Guild abstain from the war when ever

  • Early Life and Education: Ayad was born on Saladina Europa, his great grandparents had immigrated to Saladina at the start of the New Age when Earth decided to pursue a strictly scientific and secular path,

  • Early Life and Education: Maslin’s life was irrevocably broken by the Guild’s before he was old enough to know any other life but the one he had. Both his parents fell victim to one of the very rare civilian

  • Early Life and Education:
    Juliet was born in Chamnoix, France. The alpine town she grew up in was gorgeous and her childhood was blessed. Both her parents were wildly successful members of Curie Guild so there was

  • Six hours after Allegra had taken the hit from the Seraph Sedative, she was awake, captured by a hypnic jerk, that strange feeling of falling, clouding her senses for a moment and bringing her bolt upright with a

  • Allegra hurried back to her room and quickly stripped down, tossing her wet clothes in the designated dirty clothes corner. Pulling on a pair of her black pants that hugged her body like a second skin in addition

  • Allegra woke up when she felt the cold cave air caressing her back. Opening her eyes, she realized Jack was no longer there to keep her warm. She must have more tired then she realized to have out slept him and

  • Allegra was mad. No, Allegra was livid. Furious. Pissed. She paced back and forth in her room as far away from the bed and the emitter as she could be. She didn’t want that thing in here, but there was no way in

  • ////START FOOTAGE////

    First Clip-
    Stationary Camera. A group of new Constructs in a training room, they would be only a month or so out of maturation. Allegra is with them, her hair is shorter then now, darker

  • Allegra woke up early, just as she always had. One of the many things that made her different from other Constructs was that she could actually sleep. Real, honest to goodness sleep, complete with dreams and all.

  • “Mankind’s weakness was fed upon and exploited by the Guilds, who were the right hand of the very Devil himself. By denouncing God and forcing him from the minds and hearts of all of Earth’s citizens, they were

  • Q: What is the setting for this storyline?
    A: This plot line is set on an alternative/future Earth. I hope that it will ultimately be a study in contrasts and opposites. We will explore themes of religion vs.