Wyvern Azel

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Flight, Can heal small cuts and bruises.

Black sky eye: he can look at a creature and cause them to start bleeding from the eyes and nose however it does the same to him.

Necrotic shroud: He causes black skeletal wings to shoot from his back, covering himself and his weapons in a black haze increasing his speed and strength for a limited time. (becomes very drained after doing this)

Aura of fear: While using his necrotic shroud creatures around him can become scared to approach him and he becomes more terrifying to look at. However, he cant choose who this effects it happens to all around him.

Who Am I...

A young fallen angel

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My Story Is...

Wyvern was born under a dark moon into a powerful destiny. Born small and weak he was looked down on by the others of his temple but no one ever crossed him do to his mother being the high priestess of the temple. Much of his early life was filled with the teachings, learning how to properly worship the goddess of dreams, blood, and death.

On one faithful day during a temple ritual a young, three year old Wyvern was watching as fifteen women all wearing deep red dresses and what looked like black bridal veils that dragged across the ground. He watched them all poor what looked like a deep red liquid into a pit that was in the center of the temple. As it filled the women began to speak in words he could not understand.

Curiosity got the best of the young boy and he walked forward towards them and looked into the pool, they reacted suddenly with surprise, scared Wyvern jumped back falling into the pool. All he can remember was the feeling of drowning and the struggle, then the weeks of recovery. He appeared mostly unharmed but his left iris was colored a deep, glowing red.

Once he healed he began being lectured about the goddess and upon turning 13 he was trained on how to move in heavy plate armor and use basic fire arms along with large swords, both one handed and two handed.

Now he explores , much to the dismay of the others in the temple, he tries to find fun and other people maybe even help someone when he gets the chance.

My Appearance

Wyvern is six feet five inches tall with messy,black hair that hangs in his face and covers his ears. His skin has always been pale and after falling into the pool he has never tanned. His right eye is a light sky blue and the left a deep red with a pricing gaze. His form is broad but lean with a powerful stance. His k-9 teeth are very sharp along with his nails.



He wears a suit of deep black plate armor.

He has a silver long sword at his side along with a simple pistol.

He carries food, water and money on him at all times, slightly more than he needs just in case he finds someone in need.

My Secrets Are...

Secrets and that is all

I Believe...

That I'm not as dangerous as others believe