1.No godmoding

2.Be nice

3. I’m okay with any kind of content (I like fantasy/paranormal the most but I’ll work with others)

4. 18+ stuff like blood and sexual stuff is fine but tell me in advance thank you.

Who Am I...

Legion, We are Legion

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Legion was created as a equal organization to fight corruption and evil. Legion is many of all race and gender.No one is Legion we are all legion. It was started by one man and has grown very large and expands across the entire world. legion acts in the shadows, never showing its face nor saying it’s name. We don’t do this for glory or profit simple justice.


Aldritch, the son of a celestial noble and a prostitute.

Soon after he was born he was thrown to the wind, his mother being unable to care for him left him in the woods never looking back. In no longer than a hour he was found by an older half orc and raised in a small mercenary group. He was trained in many way of combat, be it large weapon or with his fist. After travailing for 19 years their luck came to an end. The group was set up and sent on a suicide mission where almost all of them were killed.

Aldritch watch his new family die then was beaten for days until his inner power took over and he managed to escape. He spend the next four years recovering and dealing with his lose tho his scars never faded. The day of his 25th birthday he had a chance encounter with an injured woman who brought him into Legion. He accepted this as his new life and took the image seriously soon becoming known as the “Bleeding Will of Legion”.

Now at 27 years of age he is moving around the world looking for people to save.

My Appearance

Aldritch has a large and muscle build standing at six feet seven inches taller, with medium length platinum hair. His celestial nature causes him to be very pale with piercing blue eyes that almost seem to glow in the moonlight. His mask is solid white, the only opening being for his eyes, the right eye has a large stripe of red coming down from it resembling blood, starting wide at the top and becoming narrow at the bottom. He wear black leather with very little viable straps and buckles. This is all covered by a large black cloak that seems burned and torn at the bottom.


Weaponry: A large scythe, the blade is jet black that fades into gray as it reached the 5 foot long black, iron staff. Hidden in his cloak are many hand sickles matching the look of the scythe, small enough to be thrown or used in melee combat when his scythe would be too large.

Misc: A black chain necklace with a white rose on it and a small leather cover note book.

My Secrets Are...

We protect all however we have very loose morals and will do whatever it takes.

I Believe...

Anyone can be saved other than me.