Name: Alrunia


Age: 200 (appears 24)


Sex: Female


Dominant Hand: Left


Birthdate: June 9


Personality: Alrunia is reserved and quiet for the most part, keeping to her personality as a former noble. No one knows where she “ruled” or what family she is from. As those tidbits are treated like all other information about her. They’re secrets that she holds extremely close and doesn’t care to reveal to others. However, that attitude is a cover for her true personality. Once she’s comfortable with someone, she shows her more dominant personality. She has never been told “no” by anyone before, and if they had she would just compel them and get her way regardless.  This makes her dominant, primarily, and comes in handy with her current job as a prostitute.


Skin tone: pale


Eye Color: Amber, occasionally a deep red


Hair Color: deep crimson, almost a maroon color


Hair Style: Lightly curled, generally left down to tumble down her back.

Loves: Other than cold nights and fresh blood, there isn’t much that she truly loves, unless that includes her work.


Likes: Blood, darkness, solitude, sex


Hates: Alrunia keeps herself indifferent enough not to hate much.


Dislikes: Crowds, talking more than necessary, children


Fears: She only truly fears death, knowing that if she does die, it is final. There is no afterlife for her.



Malakai Octavian— Boyfriend/Employer/Sire

Kel-ah— Regular client, Morrigan’s father

Morrigan— Daughter, bane of Alrunia’s existence

Do I remember when I was turned? No. That’s not how I became a Vampire. That would make it simple, wouldn’t it? I was born a Vampire. Born into a family of great wealth and status, I suppose. At least, that’s how my father and mother always acted. Always as if we were nobles of some sort.

Where was I born? Well, that is something that I am afraid I will never disclose. But, it is safe to assume that I have been here on Hellifyno for a very long time. Because that is the truth.

As one would assume, being a pure Vampire comes with its perks, I would suppose. For I am not weak by any means. But why fight myself when I can recruit others to do such base work for me?

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My life on Hellifyno, at least the parts where I was among everyone else, are short and sweet. I met a man, Rafael, and took his blood. That was a mistake I will never make again. It sent me into a state of hunger I never wish to experience again. As I was on the street, looking for prey, a man assaulted me. I killed him, only to be found by Malakai. He took me into his brothel, gave me a job, and a near endless supply of food.

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While there, I ended up sleeping with him. Well, have been sleeping with him. And the first time I slept with him, blood was exchanged. I now am the same kind of vampire he is. Oh, but my story doesn’t end there. Shortly after that, a returning client of mine, Kel-ah, came back to me. He wanted me for a week this time, as opposed to the three days the first time. And in that week, he managed to make it possible for me to have children. And, during that week, he impregnated me. So, here I am. Pregnant. And how long is it going to last? How should I know? It was pretty much a product of magic and very old blood that caused my existence in the first place.


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It was after that child’s birth that I realized just how… wrong she was. Morrigan grew faster than even I had, crueler than even my own father. She took after her father, a “regular” of mine, Kel-ah. She had the little things in common with me, poise and a regal manner, her vampire traits. But she had his madness, his cruelty, that damned torture realm that he had. 

DISCLAIMER: Alrunia is a prostitute, therefore she is often involved in 18+ RP. I will not do this kind of RP with someone under that age. So, if I suspect that you are, in fact, a minor, I will end the play right then and there.


Who Am I...


Romantic Interests

Malakai Octavian

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My Appearance

My Appearance

Her hair is so beautiful. I love red hair that's that color.

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When frenzied:


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