Alvilda Banshee Blade

Intro Video


^Art by @RaiOuArt on Twitter.

Left to Right: Aziel, Alvilda, and Jadis.

Art by Curry/@G0966 on Twitter

Who Am I...

An Elven Barbarian

Romantic Interests

Scary Women

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

An elf raised by a warrior tribe from the North. They raised him as one of their own, but because elves are a more androgynous race he was mistaken for a girl growing up. Thus despite being allowed to partake in warrior training as a young boy, they were encouraged to adopt a more feminine style in adulthood.

Despite being an outsider they raised him to be a fine warrior. Even if they thought his poor beardless face was that of a woman and raised him as such, this equal opportunity tribe gave them the skills needed to become a ferocious warrior. The grace of their elven heritage and the brutal technique of their surrogate parents made them a swift and terrifying berserker.

Once they came of age, he decided to leave the village to find his way in the world. He left in search of adventure, of fine food and even finer women. Even if he would find an elven settlement to join, this warrior would wear the cloth and woad of his clan with pride.

Along the way, they stopped by a Bard College in hopes of a free meal, but found while there they had a knack for the cello…and that cellos are heavy enough to hit people with. They now have a slight multiclass for bard because of a cello they raided.

My Appearance

Build: Androgynous, leaning slightly more to feminine. A tad short, muscular but with slight fat content due to diet. Especially well toned legs and back due to rowing and sprinting.

Hair: Brown, long and wavy. often tied back in a ponytail and/or decorative side braids

Skin: Pale, Hairless. Many scars on otherwise soft skin.

Attire/Armor: At nearly all times they wear a great kilt that wraps around them and acts as a skirt. They tend to wear a tunic as a shirt, but it’s often hidden by fur and chainmail. The outermost layer is a coat of plates beneath a leather shell. His arms have splintmail bracers and gambeson gloves. They wear knee high, fur trimmed boots.

Sometimes for fancier occasions they’ll don something like an apron dress.


-A pair of one handed swords, akin to a Norse ulfberht

-A Riesenmesser, large 2 handed sabre, akin to a large German Messer

-A large maul (ax/sledge), usually carried on draft animal.

-Mammoth Tusk Greatbow, usually carried on deer of burden

-A wooden round shield, harden leather trim. Often worn on back.

-A cello/cello case. Used for music or a bludgeon. Maybe on back in place of shield, or on draft deer.

-The essential travel stuff. A pack, a knife, sleeping bag, waterskin, spare face paint

-a Megaloceros (giant deer) from their homeland. Use mostly as a draft animal and mount.

My Secrets Are...

Hidden beneath the layers of armor and clothing, Alvilda bears the mark of a dark covenant. Over his heart a pentacle has been etched into his fleshed. It seems like any other scar, but gives a slight chill to the touch. In the darkest of nights it gives off a faint, icy blue glow. But only those few who are especially intimate with Alvilda will even know, for it does not leave any trace great enough to be detected while he is clothed.

Alvilda does not fear death. Not because of the afterlife promised by the Northern Gods… but from the pleasures and power of the dark below.

I Believe...

Unlimited Sin, Unlimited Power, Just a Whisper Away…