Kaiserin Alysha Schönherr


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Character Chart

Character’s full name: Alysha Schönherr

meaning of name: Sweet beauty

Character’s nickname: Aly

Birth date: 7th November, 1144

Physical Age: 9

How old does he/she appear: 9

Weight: unmeasured

Height: 3’2″

Body build: slim

Shape of face: oval

Eye color: aqua blue

Glasses or contacts: needed

Skin tone: fair

Distinguishing marks: none visible anymore

Predominant features: artifical left leg

Hair color: dark red

Type of hair: long

Hairstyle: shaved left side, hair brushed right

Voice: cold, German accented

Overall attractiveness: N/A

Physical disabilities: (formerly blind in left eye, and deaf in right ear), amputated left leg

Usual fashion of dress: mid length dresses

Favorite outfit: none

Jewelry or accessories: none


Good personality traits:  …

Bad personality traits: sly, cunning, manipulative, threatening, aggressive, angry.

Mood character is most often in: sadness/rage

Sense of humor: undiscovered

Character’s greatest joy in life: (so far) having her sight and hearing restored, and being adopted

Character’s greatest fear: losing her family again.

What single event would most throw this character’s life into complete turmoil? Its already there

Character is most at ease when: completely alone or with her mother

Most ill at ease when: surrounded by strangers

Enraged when: in contact with aero.

Depressed or sad when: left alone

Priorities: her mother, bringing down All Corp, and forming her own empire

Life philosophy: family is to be protected, and opponents are to be dealt with

If granted one wish, it would be: to forget  Why?her life has not been kind…

Character’s soft spot: her mother

Is this soft spot obvious to others? Unsure

Greatest strength: magical properties

Greatest vulnerability or weakness: her crippled emotional/mental state

Biggest regret: unsure

Biggest accomplishment: unsure

Past failures he/she would be embarrassed to have people know about: the fight with the angeloid

Character’s darkest secret: her murder of a woman

Goals, Drives and motivations: bringing the demise of all Corp, formibg her empire


Immediate goals: bring the demise of all Corp

Long term goals: forming her empire

How the character plans to accomplish these goals: that’s a secret…

How other characters will be affected:unsure,

Type of childhood:normal until a point, still

Education: none

Religion: formerly Christian, now not religious

Finances: N/A

Currently living with: her mother

Usual body posture: tense

Mannerisms: aggressive


Optimist or pessimist? Pessimist

Introvert or extrovert? Introvert

Daredevil or cautious? Both

Logical or emotional?both

Disorderly and messy or methodical and neat? A bit of both

Prefers working or relaxing? No time to relax

Confident or unsure of himself/herself?unsure

Animal lover? Yes

Self-perception How he/she feels about himself/herself: she feels she isn’t worthy

One word the character would use to describe self: failure

hates: aero

Best friend(s): none

Love interest(s):none

Person character goes to for advice: her mother

Person character feels responsible for or takes care of: her mother


Who Am I...

The Enhanced Soulless

Romantic Interests


My Story Is...

I was born in the Hohenstaufen Dynasty of the Holy Roman Empire, in 1144, in the town of Schwäbisch Hall, located on earth, but not the one you or I are familiar with, this one is filled with many creatures and beings. the most prominent of which are: Humans, Orcs, and the Decedents of elves (the ‘pure’ elves having been wiped out long ago) Because of inter-breeding between the species (mostly humans with other things) Most creatures on this alternate earth have become to resemble humans much more. with less pointy ears, and more humanoid skin colours, yet the human-orc hybrids prove to be by far the strongest of the races in this world, brute strength and human intelligence making for a menacing combination, though looks seem to be against them in most cases, they could seriously use a dentist, as their teeth are more often than not, crooked, and skin with a slightly darker green hue to it, a reminder of their Orcish past. The ‘elves’ they are barely even elves anymore, almost completely human, not that it would make too much of a difference anyway, they have almost been completely forgotten about, a few, small pockets of elven communities still survive around the world, most remaining in Siberia, and the new world (note: The new world has not yet been discovered) There a few ‘pure’ Orcs left alive as well, living in large tribal communities in what is Real-life earth’s Switzerland and Austria, others are rumoured to live in the various steppes of the world. They are slightly ahead technologically. Despite all of this. Magic is pretty much none-existent, very very rare. The land is dominated by agriculture, and Alysha was born on one of these farms.

Like most people who end up on Hellifyno via mysterious means, I ended up wandering into the Red Sun Inn, on the island of Palisade, alone. I was half blind, and couldn’t speak the language of the people. little did I know, that this one accident, of getting lost, changed my life. forever… Very few people were nice in this place, Except Jerry, the mute bartender. One man told me that my parents were probably dead… I was cared for by only myself for this brief time, well, myself and the kindness of Jerry.

Within a month of arriving on this god forsaken world, I came across a city called sprout, which was in quite the dire situation. A death-cloud had surrounded the city, and the only thing keeping the citizens and the death cloud apart, was a magical barrier, that encased the city like a tomb, the only ways in or out were underground, through tunnels. I did not know this; instead, I ran through the death cloud,  made it through, but with horrid burns, cysts, and clumps of hair missing from my fragile 9 year old body. My wounds were treated, and for a few hours, I was looked after by a Viking and a giant. While I was ‘under their care’ I befriended another child, a soulless… I think their name was patches… When the magical barrier was broken, and the undiscriminating cloud of death closed in on the city, the soulless took me, led me… and before the day was up… I became one of them… in place of a soul, I have lots of magical energy, and the ability to learn magical abilities quicker than others… or something like that…

By this point, I had been adopted by my new Mama, Pyrrha, a vampire. She is a lovely woman, who does all she can for me.

Eventually, I had made it back to the Red Sun Inn. looking like shit. Tired, sick, scarred, burned, battered, clumps of hair missing… I had almost given up… Things got better for a little while, I finally managed to become the average weight for a girl my age, and my skin took on a healthy tone. A friendly Neko even took the time to vaccinate me against some things.  A few weeks later, a man attacked the inn, somebody who goes by the name lime, he went mad, attacking anything and everything, and who stood against him? Me! a nine year old girl! and I didn’t go down without a fight! I sent a barrage of lightning based attacks his way, leaving him horribly burnt. I was taken out of the fight shortly after, as a piece of glass tore through the centre of my palm like shrapnel. A blind woman carried me away from the inn, and roughly bandaged my hand.

Only a week or so later, another attack on the inn happened, this time, by an angeloid! The creature bombarded the establishment with radiation, plasma, and everything it could possibly muster! The skin on my left arm was peeled back and burnt away by the harmful radioactive rays. At one point, the angeloid shot a metal spike into my foot, which started pumping a metallic fluid into my bloodstream, slowly paralysing me! I knew what had to be done… A stranger cut my leg off… I blacked out… When I awoke, the same friendly Neko had given me a new, bionic left leg…

Then I met prim. She healed me. no… she did more than that… she made me better. better than them, better than the ones who hurt me, I am above them now… and I cant thank prim enough… she gave me sight, in more ways than one, now, I shan’t be undone…

My Appearance

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I Believe...

That Hellifyno is hell, and we all must pass its trials.