Alysha Sieghart

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General Info:

(Player is 18+, Character is not)

Birth Name:  Alysha (No surname).

Name: Alysha Sieghart.

Nickname: Aly’, ‘Sha, li’l’ red, red.

Gender: Female.

Race: Caucasian.

Age: Aprx. 14.

Birth Date: Late december, Mid 1100’s.

Birthplace: Earth, Holy Roman Empire.

Current Location: Hellifyno.

If we couldn't laugh, we'd go insane. — todrunktoremember ...

Height: Aprx. 5ft.

Weight:Aprx. 100lbs(?).

Hair: Dark red, just-past shoulder length,  shaved left side of head.

Skin: Pale, somewhat fair complexion.

Distinguishing marks: None, anymore.

Eyes: Warm blue in colour (almost grey), almond shaped, usually with bags beneath. 

Clothing: Usually dark colours, trousers jacket and tee. Rarely wears skirts, occasionally wears dresses.


Temperament: Introverted, somewhat selfish, quick to anger, easy to upset.

Moral/ethical beliefs: Likes some of the ideas of authority, anti-corporation, does not agree with polygamy.

Religious beliefs: Former catholic as a child, now unsure on what to pursue as a religion.

Hobbies: Sword fighting, interested in archery, wants to pursue horseback riding.

Habits: Bites nails, pulls hair, bounces leg, taps foot, scratches arm.

Quirks/eccentricities: Occasional stutter, spoken english is slightly broken, doesn’t fully understand social normalities.

Likes: Swords, horses, red, green (but not the two together), silver, silk, dogs.

Dislikes: Angels, spiders.

Fears: Abandonment, isolation, spiders, centipedes.

Goals: Just keep going.

Hopes and desires: unsure.

Skills: Likes to think she’s good at fistfighting, and swordfighting.

Secrets: Was reincarnated/reborn. Was abducted and tortured. Has killed a woman.


Always has: A small amount of money, a small knife, stress ball.

Sometimes has: Arming Sword, Bow, a variety of medication, and more items that it is reasonable to list.

Events and History- A quick version of the story:

Recent notable events:

  • Adopted By Elyss Sieghart.

  • Diagnosed with Depression.

  • Diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

  • Diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD).

  • Diagnosed with Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED).

  • Has an “Enduring Personality Change After Traumatic Experience” 

  • (Note: i do not have any of these conditions Irl, nor am i a doctor, i intend no disrespect, and will edit this upon request if this information is incorrect to the character’s behaviour, or if it causes offence).

Bad events in the past:

  • Abducted and Tortured by Aero (CEO of ALLCORP)

  • Lost both hands.

  • Lost right leg.

  • Was blinded in the left eye.

  • Orphaned multiple times.

  • “Died”, and was dead for several months.

  • Killed a viking warrior in the siege of paris (885)

           Good events in the past:

  • Had limbs restored upon “Rebirth”

  • Was “Reborn”/”Reincarnated”

  • Befriended Anthem Kishimoto


My Story Is...

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I Believe...

"You'll die here, you know. This place has a tendency to do that"