Who Am I...

I am a young Vampyre, with pure blood passed down from ancient times. Sweet and shy, but with a raving rage deep inside ready to be released.

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

I am Vampyre , born from humans. I grew up until the age of 10 in a normal school, around people I never fit in with. My parents treated me badly, knowing I was different just not knowing how. On my 10th birthday I received a premonition given by the Goddess Nyx, she spoke to me with love in her voice telling me that I was born Vampyre and that I was a daughter of darkness. Being born with pure blood, I was gifted three unusual powers. First, the power to control all five elements. Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Spirit. Second, the power to sense a persons aura in a color. Third, the power to speak to gods and goddess.  Thanks to Nyx, waking the powers inside I stopped ageing at the age of 18, and though I am much older I am stuck in frozen time.

My Appearance

Standing 5′ 4” and 115lbs

Long wavy black hair that falls to the small of my back.

Large eyes that change color based on my mood.


Blue- Normal

Green- Jealousy

Purple- Happiness

Red- Anger



Teal- Love

Orange- Lust

Yellow- Embarrassed 


I always have a book on me, the rest is secret.

My Secrets Are...

I will never tell.