Amelia Glass

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(Note to all who reads my profile and wants to rp with me English is not my strong suit seeing that I was born and raised in France)


Frozen time this occurs once Amelia’s eyes make contact with the person or thing that she wants to be frozen once they are in this state it then opens up many other things she can do

Wonders of illusions is what happens when I place an illusion that I crafted just for you now these illusions could be helpful to you or harmful in the case of the latter when under an illusion for too long this places you under risk of being driven insane

Blood Picture when in a frozen state the person will be drained of all their blood resulting in death now few have avoided this fate by putting a small portion of their blood in a cup or something that can hold it

Inner Demons once this occurs to someone who is under the frozen state they will be forced to fight their inner demons and will only be able to survive if they can beat said inner demons


Blood Summoning when using blood summoning Amelia is able to summon the beast of her nightmares once summon into the physical realm they will be completely made out of blood once here they can only be destroyed if Amelia wants it to be or if a strong enough angel beats them

Blood Weapons this power is like blood summoning only in this case Amelia is creating weapons out of blood


Who Am I...

What am I the answer I don't know

Romantic Interests

Why dose love care for a few people but hurt the rest

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Well if you truly want to know my story then you must be willing to see the picture in the blood. What’s that you can’t see it then before the night is up you will know my story. Growing up I was never anything like the other kids at the orphanage. No the first time the adults who own that place looked into my eyes they could tell. What they could tell was that something in me was truly evil just waiting to take over. The first incident happened when I was walking on the edge of the garden when it happened. The first time I tasted blood my own blood to be exact while I was walking Billy one of the older kids threw a rock at me. This caused me to lose my balance as I fell my hand caught the edge of the cement leaving a cut with blood running out. To this day I still don’t know what made me do it but once my eyes saw the blood my hand moved towards my mouth. It was like I could not control the urge to drink my own blood and once I started what I felt next was the most enjoyable feeling ever. Well, that was until the owners caught me I was punished severely for this act. They chained my hands and feet to my bed and left me there like that for the rest of the day and on into the night. Once morning came they unchained me telling me to never do that again but this cycle went on for years until I was sixteen. One night the male owner came into my room he kept telling me how beautiful I am well after he made an attempt to lunge at me my eyes caught him and he froze in mid-air just above my bed. What came next was every drop of his blood fell onto my bed After he died I felt something running down both of my eyes once my fingers touched the substance I knew what it was. This substance was blood from my eyes well after I did the same thing to the female owner having the same effect on my eyes I left the place that I have grown to loathe. But once I stepped outside I saw the world in a different light for while some live in black and white I live in the red just by looking at someone their blood tells me every sin they ever committed. I am now nineteen and I have found that I have to feed on blood before the hunger can set in for once it doses the voices they never leave me alone. Now I am going to leave you here goodbye.

My Appearance

I have long black hair blood red eyes with black pupils the pupils could be normal or tiny depending on the state of my hunger my skin is as pale as soft moonlight while on my upper back is a large black spider marking resting in the right side of my hair is a red flower with a yellow center my full height is five foot one what I wear black silk strapless dress while wrapped around my neck is a white cloth that also has a red ribbon tied around it what I have for footwear are black Japanese style school shoes

My Secrets Are...

The thing I want the most is to find out what I am and who my parents are

I Believe...

We are all pawns used by Gods and Goddess until they are tired of us and throw us to the side