Who Am I...

I am a thief who enjoys the thrill of the chase with a side of sadism.

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

She is a high class thief who lives for the thrill of the chase and a good challenge who is usually involved with grand theft. She was born into a wealthy family but her parents abused her horrifically so she ran away at the age of eight and has been on the streets since then. She has developed a bit of a sadistic streak due to her abusive past but is still willing to stand up for the defenseless and enjoys dishing out punishment to those who commit hienous crimes such as murder or rape. Mainly, she is looking for the ultimate thrill and an opportunity to change her life for the better or worse… As long as it’s thrilling she could care less.

My Appearance

5’8 with an athletic and muscular build. Tan skin with a few freckles on my nose and collar bone. Ocean blue eyes. I have a compass tatoo on my torso and a large paw print on my right shoulder and a variety of constellations on both arms and a large rose on my back. I also have a slit on my left eyebrow. Her clothing style usually consists of tank tops and sweatpants.  However when she’s on the job committing robberies she always wears a suit.


Strong, fast, good endurance carries a switch blade, master of hand-to-hand combat, loyal, boisterous, at times short-tempered, kind, protective. Very intelligent but can also be a little bit sadistic .

My Secrets Are...

Her family is actually rich despite her being a professional thief.

I Believe...

In divine power, despite the questionable morality.