Who Am I...

Shape shifting thief

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Long and mostly boring.  What do you want to know?  How I became immortal?  Why can I change my shape into any thing I desire?  Honestly who really knows.  Or really cares in the long run.  Will it make your day better if you know my backstory?  Hmm well if you really are that desperate to know then buy me a drink sometime.  If I’m feeling in a sharing mood then I will let a few things slip.  +Gives a cheshire like grin.+  That is if you are willing to trust the word of a thief.

My Appearance

Whatever I want to be.  Literally.  I am a shape shifter.  If I want to look like a monkey then I can be a monkey.  If I want to be your father, then well I will have to have seen what they look like but I can do that too.  Only downfall to being whatever or whoever I want is that I have forgotten what I really look like.  Not a horrible loss however given the perks.  A cat today, a bird tomorrow, maybe even a manticore for good measure.  Personally I prefer to stay away from humanoid forms if I can help it.  Easier to get around unnoticed that way.


Nothing, it’s hard to keep things in your pockets when you spend most of your life as an animal.

My Secrets Are...

A secret for a reason, maybe.  Half of them I don’t remember anymore to be honest.

I Believe...

In shiny things. They tend to make me happy.