Anakin Solo/ Abel Mordred Ren[ Supreme Emperor of the Crimson Empire]

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I am a main chat and location roleplayer only.  You may not kill my character without my permission 


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Who Am I...

Anakin Han Solo

Romantic Interests

Straight / Dyad with Cally

Relationship Status

Married to Cally Solo

My Story Is...

The son of Ben Solo and Natalia Solo.  Triplet brother to Jasper and Leia.

Brother to Keva Solo

Adopted a daughter Ezlynn Solo

Twin children Anna and Ayden.

6’6″ at 39 years old.

Has his father’s demon gene

Mordred Ren

He is now a Solaris Force Pheonix God and also has the powers of Abeloth and has Drank from the well of power and bathed in the Pool of Knowledge.

My Appearance

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Cally and Ani


White cross-guard lightsaber

Qixoni Saber

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Dathomir Energy bow

Left Ben’s Solaris/ Bondara |Middle Anakin Solo Qixoni | Calihan’s Blackwing

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Qixoni crystals were exceedingly rare lightsaber crystals of a dark red color. These unique, powerful gems were formed when as a planet was consumed by its star going supernova, making them very difficult to find and secure. The crystal was said to enhance one’s Force abilities, in addition to enhancing the lightsaber blade’s power to a significant degree. Due to how they are formed, these crystals are strongly attuned to the Darkside and burn Lightsiders’ hands should they pick up a lightsaber with one of these crystals in it.

This crystal produces a dark red lightsaber blade that seems to cry and scream in pain and fear as it swung around

I Believe...

the goodness in people when it is in order