Anastasia Nolan

Intro Video


H E L L       I N      H I G H      H E E L S  

Who Am I...

The little witch.

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

demon huntress // witch // bombshell // possibly an eldritch horror

half a witch, mismatched eyes belie her true nature.

steel-bone wings sit beneath the surface of her skin, aching.

a beast nips at her heels, eager to find it’s maw soaked in blood; vicious teeth longing to rend flesh from bone.

an empty girl lost. so very, very far from home.

My Appearance

A crown of dark hair falls to the middle of her back, wild waves of silken hair to frame delicate features. Bright eyes, mismatched – one a rich, cocoa brown and the other the colour of ice, her gaze oft more intense than she means. Plump lips with no discernable cupids bow. Milk pale skin, her cheeks easily tinged rose with a compliment or a pleasant smile. Not tall by any means. Slender, with generous curves where they are needed. Given her maternal heritage, her appearance is often fascinating and eye-catching; for some, uncomfortably so. A line of demonic symbols are etched into her shoulders; recognised by any who know of it as a curse. Often unseen, a small tattoo sits upon her lower back – left to be discovered by those who get close enough.

My Secrets Are...

daughter of dark magic / daughter of the angelic.

cursed with bloodlust and to have been forgotten.




about the writer:   

I tend to be very particular about who I write with about. Apologies in advance, but one lines or brief emotes just don’t do it for me when they’re consistent, neither do two word emotes. I need something to work off of. It’s nothing personal; I just presume there’s a lack of writing chemistry when this happens.

Due to the nature of particular topics within roleplay, be they nsfw, gore, dark rp etc, I prefer to write with people who are atleast 18+ or older.

I’m more easily found (and prefer to) write on discord, but I’m happy to write scenes in messages or in the various places in the chatrooms, too! I’m a very friendly, open person, but unfortunately I can’t be available all the time; so feel free to give me a nudge in PMs and say hello if you want to set something up!