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“The worst thing about betrayal is that it doesn’t come from your worst enemies, but the people closest to you.” 


Year XX28


Once in the Great Forest of Estrella, lived a clan of great dragons. Fire based dragons, who lived for fighting, the Feuer Clan. They all had pride and bonds. Ones that couldn’t even but cut by the sharpest of swords. Every dragon in the clan has been considered family, even if not related by blood. These dragons had been a part of the Great Dragon Clan that had lived in the forest; The Great Dragon Clan had been made up of all dragons, of all races of dragons, living together but spaced in the Forest of Estrella. This Great Clan branched down into other clans, each clan having its own purpose to serve into The Great Dragon Clan. And The Feuer Clan’s purpose had been to serve as an army, to raise it’s dragons into strong warriors. 

Year XX33 

Anastasia, had now been born, born and raised to become a warrior of the Feuer Clan like the rest. But Anastasia had been a hybrid. A hybrid of a human, and dragon, which all had been strictly forbidden. Anastasia’s father, a dragon, had been severely punished. Beaten for the breaking of the rule, and served to fight and labor for the rest of his years. Her mother, a human, had been discriminated against and disrespected much. But of course, this had not stopped them from loving their lovely child, Anastasia. Unfortunately, Anastasia had not had it so easy either. She was bullied among her peers and called names by her fellow dragons for being a hybrid. Yet Anastasia stood tall. She stood out from the others in strength and agility, as well as having a strong heart. One day, Anastasia went out for a fly. Being spotted in the sky by humans, she had been shot down with an arrow which had pierced her wings. She had been being looted. Her wings torn from her back. Luckily, it ended there. 


Year XX46


Dearest little Anastasia had now been 13 years old- In human years, but she aged the same as a dragon. Still, she stood strong and became a strong warrior. One of the strongest among her peers, even at such a young age. One day, the clan had received word of an incoming attack. Right when warning bells rang, an explosion hit and destroyed a majority of the forest, burning it. Most perished and turned to ash, few had survived, but to only be slain when discovered alive. Anastasia had been last left alive, collapsed and barely breathing as she bled, on the verge of death. But confronted my mass murderer, she was asked if she wanted to live. She answered with a yes, deciding to live on but only to swear vengeance. To be saved from death’s grasp, she had the man’s blood injected into her. A pulsing feeling it was. A dark, and ominous feeling. But it gave it away. This man was Lucifer, here to collect the strong warriors. And Anastasia was one. 

Year XX50


Some years passed, Anastasia trained in the underworld with her new given power. With each amount of strength given, it was a chance she took to try and murder Lucifer. But each time failed, she just could not match up to him. And so, she continued to work under him without a choice. But without a complaint either. She had been given new opportunities in life.  New lessons. A New world. Slowly, she had gotten over it.. But had she really? For now, she roams Hellifyno reluctantly. Her true purpose and goal fogged. 

Romantic Interests

“I like guys!”

Relationship Status

In a relationship

My Appearance

Anastasia has long, somewhat pink/lilac hair (or something in between that range) with blue colored eyes. She also has curved, dark horns on her head and a thick, dragon-like tail with scales as sharp as razors. Anastasia is 5’2.

Anastasia wears a white, sleeveless cloak with a black, short pienfu underneath. She also wears gloves that extend up her arm and wears a katana holstered at her hip

Despite the horrid title and actions, Anastasia is like your average girl. She is timid and shy. Around those who she doesn’t know too well, at least. She is friendly as well and showers her friends with love. She is loyal to those. And despite being shy, she is not afraid to speak up for those who can’t themselves.



“Things to kill!”


Hell’s Rage

This occurs when Anastasia fights. Not with any regular fight, but only when her anger and rage is drawn out. Her regular flames grow more wild, like it has a life of its own. The temperature would also rise drastically, by a few hundred degrees or so. Depending on her outrage, it would even reach into the thousands. 


Shifting Flames:

This allows Anastasia to make the fire take the shape of animate and inanimate objects. People, weapons, objects, anything. She can also use the flame of the form as the object could be used. (E.g. Bow and arrow) 


Heated Tempest

This is a combination of wind and flame magic. Anastasia can shoot balls or beams of flames at massive speeds from the wind boost to increase speeds. Her favorite is to create flaming tornadoes. 



Anastasia has the ability to shift into any living thing. Animals, people and such. Or at least transform their aspects (wings, horns, ears, tails, etc.) onto herself. But to have the transformation undergo, she needs to take in their blood. 


Voided Armoury: 

This is a pocketed inventory in space which holds weapons and armor of all sorts. She can open a portal that connects to that inventory and take out the weapon of choice.