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Anastasia, The Sleepy Demon

Warning: Do not underestimate this demon by its name. It /will/ unleash a raging hell on you if underestimated.
Anastasia is a demon; a demon who has served as Lucifer’s own weapon for fighting for centuries, and is still used as of today. She serves under his own children as well. Not by orders, but by choice. She has a right to decline as well. Those who have tried to hold her down with their titles have paid dearly. Even Lucifer, himself, sided with Anastasia on this. She is a terrifying being. Even during Holy, Unholy, and Surface Wars, Anastasia has been used. Send an army of demons to fight? No. Anastasia was sent sole, and took down masses, thousands, a few million while out on the battlefield for a week. This was what she enjoys.

Who Am I...

“Hello! I’m Anastasia!~”

Romantic Interests

“I like guys!”

Relationship Status

In A Relationship.

My Story Is...

“Hm.. Ask me!”
Don’t. “H-Hey! Narrator!—“ Shush. Anastasia stated her life as a dragon-human hybrid, on the brink of death after her clan had been slayed by Lucifer. But he had seen potential in her. He asked if she wanted to live. With a glare, she said yes. Lucifer had fed the young Anastasia his own blood, her own genetics having demon genetics injected into her. Anastasia grew up trained by Lucifer with many attempts to kill the man, but he had always easily stopped her. Over time, she found herself to forgive him. To become loyal to him. Gradually, Anastasia made way up ranks of the underworld, and eventually to it’s highest where she stands now. Despite having terrifying abilities and skills, Anastasia is very laid back, and often sleepy to where she’d fall asleep during official meetings with Hell Official. Thus the title, The Sleepy Demon.

My Appearance

Anastasia has long, red-orange hair with matching red-orange eyes. She also has curved, brown horns on her head and a thick, dragon-like tail with scales as sharp as razors. Anastasia is 5’2.

Despite the horrid title and actions, Anastasia is like your average girl. She is timid and shy. Around those who she doesn’t know too well, at least. She is friendly as well and showers her friends with love. She is loyal to those. And despite being shy, she is not afraid to speak up for those who can’t themselves.



“Things to kill!”


Hell’s Rage

This occurs when Anastasia fights. Not with any regular fight, but only when her anger and rage is drawn out. Her regular flames grow more wild, like it has a life of its own. The temperature would also rise drastically, by a few hundred degrees or so. Depending on her outrage, it would even reach into the thousands. 


Shifting Flames:

This allows Anastasia to make the fire take the shape of animate and inanimate objects. People, weapons, objects, anything. She can also use the flame of the form as the object could be used. (E.g. Bow and arrow) 


Heated Tempest

This is a combination of wind and flame magic. Anastasia can shoot balls or beams of flames at massive speeds from the wind boost to increase speeds. Her favorite is to create flaming tornadoes. 



Anastasia has the ability to shift into any living thing. Animals, people and such. Or at least transform their aspects (wings, horns, ears, tails, etc.) onto herself. But to have the transformation undergo, she needs to take in their blood. 


Voided Armoury: 

This is a pocketed inventory in space which holds weapons and armor of all sorts. She can open a portal that connects to that inventory and take out the weapon of choice. 

My Secrets Are...