Alexandria Nash


Race: Phoenix
The phoenix is always a bird, usually having plumage of colors corresponding to fire: yellow, orange, red, and gold. The most universal characteristic is the bird’s ability to resurrect. Living a long life (the exact age can vary from five hundred to over a thousand years), the bird dies in a self-created fire, burning into a pile of ashes, from which a phoenix chick is born, representing a cyclical process of life from death. Because it is reborn from its own death, the phoenix also took on the characteristics of regeneration and immortality.
Alexa is a calm and composed being. She always has a sweet smile on her face, her voice is always soothing and soft. She never yells, and hardly looses her temper. She’d rather walk away from a conflict than hurt someone, even if that other person wants to hurt her. Her nature keeps her from taking a life, or hurt people.
She truly believes that anyone can change, that there is no such thing as a lost soul.
But in the light of Change, of her becoming a Grendel host, she will stand up and defend the people close to her, especially the Grendel hosts. She will push back, hurt and even kill, if the situation calls for. However, she will not hurt, or kill without a reason, her nature holding on to that ideal.
Alexa stands Five feet tall, tiny as hell, I know. She has fire red hair and intense blue eyes. When she uses the Phoenix abilities, the colour of her eyes changes to Golden. She always wears some kind of summer dress or a black fireproof one piece costume, that someone close to her designed.
Background info:
Alexandria was born five years ago on twenty second of May, in the city of Consequence. She had a short and rough childhood, most of it among Giovanni vampires, thanks to her mother’s duty. She was forced into growing up and trying to defend herself against whatever dangers plagued Consequence, until her father took her out and away. After that, she spent all of her time studying, trying to find a way to help without putting herself in danger. The best way she found, was to become a battlefield medic and help the injured from the sidelines. Her father trained her in ranged combat, hoping to keep her away from the fighting, but still capable of defending herself in case the need arises.
When the World War broke out, Alexa and her father tried to leave the planet, but got cut off and were forced into fighting for their lives. Her father died while trying to pull her away from the fight and keep her safe. She didn’t manage to resurrect him and that thought haunts her till this day, though, she won’t tell anyone.
She spent the next six months running and dodging fights, trying to reach Consequence and the people she knew there. Hoping to somewhat seek shelterer and help out the best she could. But the city was destroyed and ripped apart by the fighting. Her attempts to stay in the Blue Moon ended up with more fighting and suffering, causing her to flee, yet again.
In a matter of days, she reached Persistence, a small city, located on an island to the south. It was run by her step sister’s husband, Jaime Lannister. She got to reconnect with her step sister Letta and got to know of the existence of a half sister. Izzy. The two had a rough start, but soon enough, they became best of friends and protect eachother. She made a lot of friends, but there are a few that she holds close to her heart. Mick Rawson, Hunter Rose, Jade, Trace, John Constantine, Midnighter and a few more.
Because of her profession, she ended up being part of a team called The Authority, as a medic. And also opened up a refugee camp, for all the people wanting to flee the war. She takes care of those people and provides them with food, clothes and medical treatment, all from donations, or her own money.
Among the friends she got to make, she met Jim Corrigan, a man that would soon enough take up most of her interest and time. She fell in love with him and in a matter of months he proposed, but because life always found a way to slam her to the ground, their duties kept them away from one another. So much so, that they agreed to walk their own ways. It wasn’t what she wanted to do, but what she needed to do and that affected her deeply. She stopped talking to people and kept to herself, not wanting to deal with anything or anyone. Her sister Izzy stepped in and took away the memories that pained her. The memories of her and Jim being a couple and being in love. She also put up barriers, to keep anyone from accessing those bits and pieces.
At the current time, she thinks her and Jim are nothing but friends. And that’s for the best.
Fear drives people beyond the possible. And that’s how it’s been for Alexa. Because of her nature, she can protect other people, but not herself. She made it off planet and to Earth where she lived foe many years.
But her heart always desired to at least see her home planet, her friends. So she reactivated her old ship and returned, crashing down to Hellifyno to a horrible sight. Void took over and everyone was as lost as lost could be. She fought besides another phoenix, a Gaian named Elijah and watched him die. She now holds one of his Gaian blades, waiting for him to return, so that she can give the blade back to his rightful owner.
Mother: Karen Darkshade

Father: Jacob Nash

Compact Battle Bow

Manufacturer: Logan&Logan
Model: Multipurpose combat bow
Modularity: Yes, various arrow types can be modified; new arrows can be created.
Material: Various materials, various electronics and mechanics.
Description: A specialized bow fashioned from durasteel with multiple arrow types, each serving their own purpose. The quiver has twenty individual shafts that hold the arrows in place.
Ammunition Capacity: A normal quiver can hold any combination of twenty arrows.
Ammunition Types:
– Basic arrow: A standard arrow forged from agrinium folded over and over again to compress the metal for stronger hits.
– Explosive impact arrow: An arrow that is tipped with detonite putty, and will explode directly after impact.
-Timed explosive arrow: An arrow that has a similar technology to that of a wrist-mounted rocket launcher. Fitted just behind the arrow tip, it detonates five seconds after impact.
– Shock arrow: An arrow that on impact, will stun the target, and sometimes knock them unconscious. The arrow has three settings, each with a different level of electricity.
– Flare arrow: An arrow that can be fired upwards, releasing two flares, used to blind others.
– Grapple arrow: An arrow that ejects monofilament cable, and is tipped with three barbed hooks. The tip is weighted down more than others, and will attach itself to almost any surface. This allows the shooter to either swing across the rope, climb up it, or use it to cross large gaps.
Effective Range: 120 meters.

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