Andrew Slade / Bota

Intro Video

My Story Is...

Orphaned at birth Andrew was taken in by Hydra and used in the first attempt of making a super powered being with the use of Loki’s Staff aka the mind stone inside it.  The experiment had been a success granting Andrew Massive strength And durability, But with a side effect. He went blind with Rage bursting free from his cell and going on a rampage in the facility smashing and crushing anyone and everything in his way. One step further and he could feel something inside him clawing its way free. He managed to end out in the middle of a forest near the compound before he erupted in a massive explosion. Standing where Andrew once did was a being of Immeasurable power. It skin Appeared to be made of stone with gaps giving off a bright red glow. The forest around it was destroyed, the ground was blackened and the trees dead and decaying in the wake of its birth.


He passed out and when he awoke he was still laying in the demolished forest. He headed out and began a life wandering never staying anywhere to long.

My Appearance

10′, black eyes, shaved head.

in his other form he is 18 feet tall weighs a shit ton and gains a boost to all of his powers


super strength
Super hearing, sight, speed.

super human healing
A high corrosive liquid he can spew forth from his maw in his other form.
Can fire a energy beam from his maw