Andromalius Valynius

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Who Am I...


Romantic Interests


My Story Is...

The Big Bang, known as the birth of the universe and everything inside of it. At that momentary explosion, I was created by the cosmic energies that give life to the beautiful universe. I was alone for almost 5 billion years and then I discovered this world, this wonderful world filled with different races and beautiful women. I have made my home in the mountains, undisturbed, secluded, and with a beautiful view of the world. I enjoy the pleasures that life has to offer, but none more so than the company of a beautiful woman who knows how to have a good time.

My Appearance

Andro is about seven feet tall, taller than most mortal men. He has long, blood red hair that flows down the length of his back. He prefers to remain shirtless at all times, but wears black jeans that cover his feet as to not be entirely indecent in public areas. His wings are black, and when closer examination is made, they reflect the night sky perfectly. His horns are a sensitive area for him, and anyone who touches them may inadvertently arouse him.


An arsenal of cosmic magic.

My Secrets Are...

I enjoy the pleasures of female company immensely, and I always aim to satisfy

I Believe...

Life is too short not to have fun.