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Who Am I...

Andromalius, Cosmic Entity of Lust

Romantic Interests


My Story Is...

Darkest Before The Dawn

Silence, darkness, and the vacuum of space. A vacuum filled with a plethora of awe inspiring sights and worlds. This infinite expanse of beauty and death held the key to many things throughout the universe such as life, death, exploration, and knowledge. This story take place in a binary star system, a system that had been formed almost a billion years prior but was already on the dangerous verge of a collapse. The imbalances of gravity between the two stars was causing one to draw in the other ever closer to their demise. In their final years of that fatal dance, the smallest of the two stars exploded from the immense pressure of its brethren, creating a large colorful nebula that swirled and bound with the remaining gaseous orb. After five more years, the second star finally exploded..



The Creation


As the second star met the end of its life and began to combust, within the collision of atoms and gasses a shape began to take form. As the star finally exploded, it expelled this form into the vacuum of space. The form was of a male with skin as gray as the moon, hair as black as the abyss of space, and eyes as golden as the sun over the earth. His height was around five foot ten, his body was toned and smooth from the pressure of the star he’d been created in. This being, is named Andromalius. A unique type of creature born from the deaths of cosmic entities, and each being created from such events are all given a vice or virtue that they follow.


Cosmic Vice



Andromalius has been given the vice of Lust, and to most that is usually seen as the most horrendous of vices due to the mere fact that they tie it to the intimate acts of lust, but his vice is so much more than that. He would come to lust for knowledge of all things such as music, exploration, people, creatures, magics, nature and more.



The Arrival


After drifting aimlessly through space for two decades, being propelled only by the force of the explosion of the star he had been born in, Andromalius’ form finally entered the atmosphere of a habitable planet. Flames licked and consumed his body as he reached terminal velocity, and after fifteen minutes of a searing entry he crash landed into the northernmost continent, creating a crater with a width of fifty feet and a depth of two hundred feet.




The Awakening

For a week, Andromalius lay unconscious in the crater of his creation. Upon awaking, he trudged his way out of his hole with a grunt while dirt crumbled and gave way from beneath him. After a grueling hour long climb, he finally made it out of the crater and took a moment to relax. He was surrounded by lush forests and singing birds, the grass beneath his back as he laid down was soft and warm, as he looked to the sky it was a beautiful shade of violet with a ringed planet hovering in the distance. This was his home now, and after this nap, he was going to learn every last bit about it.


Infinite amounts of everything

My Secrets Are...

I have no secrets to hold