The Guardian's Anthem

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“Her name was Elacris and she wanted to save the world.” 10,000 years ago there was a human woman who wanted just one thing; she wanted to save the world. A warrior in a garden, Ela went on to making allies with people of all the lands. Elacris was kind and wise and held nothing but the best intentions in her heart and soul. Her cause was so righteous that one day the planet of Hellifyno had done something it had never done before; it spoke to the woman with the heart of gold and a will of fire and uttered a single word.BalanceThe world gifted the first Scion with two gifts. The first gift was the power of nature, in which the Scion could bend the elements of natural world to their will. The second gift was the blessing, or curse of memory. The Scion can remember and sometimes even interact with their previous incarnations, granting them a unique wisdom and a timeless perspective.Then there was Zen, a Spirit that embodies the ideals of peace and tranquility. There was a faithful meeting between two kindred souls and a union with a solid promise. The Scion would protect the planet’s balance, nurture it, and defend it against dangers both foreign and domestic. To promote peace, through balance and understanding as they would be together in all of her lifetimes; to perform this daunting task as a champion of the world.

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