Lucifer “Luci” Usoro


  “My pleasure is their pain”






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Male and Female.

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My Story Is...

Chapter 1

The last month had arrived for Mercy in June. It was the 14th of June in 1998. At this point Mercy was unemployed from losing her job during the 7th month of her pregnancy, and she wasn’t up to applying for a new one until her baby’s birth. She stood in front of the mirror in the hallway that showed her full reflection, she looked into it to see her baby bump from that view, only to see a disturbing red glow be shown from the inside of the bump. To what looked to be a set of two small glowing red eyes, she felt her heart drop at the sight, looking down to her bump in fear only to see it was normal now. She slowly looked back to the mirror only to see her reflection of the baby bump was normal again.


She then walked away from the mirror after ten seconds of staring and went down the steps at her own slow pace, holding her bump with one hand as she stepped down each stair, it was only her and her unborn son that was home at the moment. She felt herself sigh once reaching the bottom of the staircase. Her boyfriend, Nick, had been at work during the time. It would be a few more hours until he would return home. Mercy still was able to get around well enough despite being at the end of her pregnancy, she tried to do her best to take it easy while she waited for her boyfriend’s return, she felt hungry and went to chop up some carrots from the kitchen as a snack. During one of the last chops of the knife on the cutting board, she felt a strong kick come from her baby bump, she let out a gasp of pain and stopped what she was doing. She started to arrange the carrots onto a plate with a dipping of ranch while she made her way to the dining room to take a seat, the entire way she felt like her water was gonna break in any minute, which luckily it hadn’t and her son stopped his kicking when she sat. Time seemed to go faster than a speeding car could. Mercy had awoken on the couch after sleeping through a few hours, she lifted her head, glancing around the room. “Nick..?” she muttered through sleepy eyes. Nick was nowhere in sight. She carefully got up and retrieved her cellphone. Checking through her phone she received no messages from Nick when he should’ve been home by now. She decided to ignore it for now, and went to bathe before getting properly ready for bed, hence it still being the night time.


June 15, 1998. Nick awoke Mercy up in the morning as the sunlight shone into their bedroom through the windows. “Mercy, sorry I didn’t come home last night.” He said, obviously not being sincere with his apology, Mercy read him like an open book so easily. “What were you doing last night anyway?” She asked through a look of concern, sitting up in bed. He sat on the end of the bed looking at her with widened eyes. It took him a moment to respond, he seemed hesitant now. He then replied through a forced smile. “Just had to work over, honey.”


“You could’ve at least sent me a message saying you were gonna work over.” She said, he only rolled his eyes in response. “Yeah, well, you don’t have to know everything I do.”


“Nick, I really don’t want to argue…”


“We’re not going too. I’m going shopping.” He said, getting onto his feet. “That’d be lovely.” she said, about to get up. “Ah, no, no, you stay here.” He said to her, keeping her in the bed. She gave a frown. “I really had some things I needed to get..” Nick then took a glance around the room, spotting a notepad on the desk. He grabbed it along with a pen and tossed it to her. “Write it down. I’ll buy it if it’s not too expensive.”

She did as told and wrote some things down onto the notepad, handing it over to him once finished. He snatched it from her, taking a brief look at what she wrote, then heading for the door. “I’ll be back soon.”


“Be careful, I love-” She said only for him to slam the door before she could finish her statement. She didn’t have a good feeling about this. It almost felt like a gut feeling, but she wanted to trust him with his words, brushing off the suspicion. She remained in bed for a while, feeling a series of kicks from her baby bump once again. She started to gently rub her belly in hopes her son would stop kicking, to which he eventually did, and she gave a huff. Around two hours later, Nick returned with groceries and Mercy greeted him at the door with a kiss on the cheek, he grumbled in response. “Unload these.” He demanded, dropping the grocery bags and pointing to them. She didn’t feel like arguing, which had her obey him easily. He took a seat on the sofa, beginning to type on his phone while his girlfriend struggled to put away the groceries.


When she got the last groceries put away,  she began to do the dishes as Nick approached her, slipping his phone in one of his pockets. “I’m gonna go somewhere. You’ll be fine.” He said, placing his arms around her waist in a slight embrace. She felt her heart sink at what he had to say. She didn’t say anything in response either. He then let go of her and left through the front door. Mercy, now alone, started to break into a sob. She felt as if she messed up being with Nick, but she couldn’t leave now, she still wanted him in her son’s life. After her sob, she found herself going to bed, saying a silent prayer to God before she closed her eyes. “Well, goddamn you! Have you no care for me? I’ve held this pregnancy for nine fucking months, and you now don’t wanna be with me?” cried the pregnant woman to the man. The man gulped, feeling the guilt grow into his heart of filth. “Pardon me for wanting someone else to sleep with. I didn’t ask to be a father, and neither did you ask to be a mother, but we can still work something out.” spoke the man, approaching the woman. The woman only shoved him in response, and he growled, shoving her into the wall where he pinned her by her wrists.


She tried to fight back, only to feel her water break then. He looked down in absolute disgust, freeing her wrists. She began to sink to the ground, feeling herself start to gain contractions, she cried more. “Come on, we’re taking you to the hospital.” He said, grabbing her by a wrist and forcing her up, ignoring the pain she was in. Mercy was rushed to the hospital after that where she spent hours giving birth to her son, Isaiah. Nick entered the room after the birth and took a seat beside the hospital bed where Mercy held a crying Lucifer wrapped in a blanket in her arms, shushing him, he became the most precious thing to Mercy at first glance.


January 23 2002

Lucifer watched her mother play violin like a pro, His eyes sparked with curiosity and amazement. His father nick noticed his expression “What are you doing?” Nick questioned. “Watching mommy play violin! She’s really good at it. I wanna be just like her!” Lucifer replied, Looking back at his mother. Nick just chuckled at this. “Well if you wanna be like her, you might as well cook and clean. Dream bigger, Lucifer.” He said, walking away. (I’m sorry folks but that’s all I got for now, Luci’s story is still a wip)

My Appearance
  • Name: Lucifer Usoro

Nicknames: Luci, Demon boy, and Jerk—

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Birthdate: February – 27 – 1998

Personality: Quiet And Sarcastic.

My Secrets Are...

Likes: Coffee, Liquor, T o a s t, 80’s Music, Murder, And Places that are quiet.

Dislikes: Anything bitter (Besides Coffee and Liquor), People purposely trying to annoy him or be purposely loud, and Loud places.