Who Am I...

Angelo Reeves the assassin

Romantic Interests


My Story Is...

Born from nothingness at the age of 25 his name is Angleo. Looking for a meaning to life he wonderd arcoss permethia ( his home land) for many years he incountered many strange people that shown him kindness. He found a job at an apple orchared but not even one week gone bye before he lost his job. Once agan looking for answers he climed up the tallest mountain on permethia
After days of climbing he still did not give up. When he made it to the peak of the mountain he was amazed to see the sunrise but was sad he thought that there was no purpose to life for him. He took his dager and held it to his head. Suddenly A voice from behind him said. I can show you your purpose in life my child. The mans name was Corvine the elder god. He took Angelo in and tought him the way of the natral balence. Later Corvin chosen Angelo to weld The Dawn Brenger which was once the bane to the undead but it fell into a sleep for now it only has the power of 1 sun. Corvine is not the creator of the sword so he himself dose not know of code to reawaken the sword. When reawakend it holds the power of 10,000 suns. Angelo now is on a quest to find a diry that holds the seacrts of the Swords Of Bane.
Future events
To Activate the swords true power you must utter the words: Dawn Brenger shine true light for all who can see.
Natural powers
Invisibility (counts for everything on character)
Super Strength
Night Vision
Being a SMART ASS (yep
Can create poket portals ( second ability can telaport and travle to diffrent relms

My Appearance

6 foot 7 in height, lean, dull black eyes and black hair. Wears a pitch black cloak with a red leather belt.


Celastia bow and the Dawn Bringer
The Celastia bow is made of a clear (and rare) glass like metal showing a hint of light blue color. The bow is able to fire an seemingly infinite number of electric arrows that home in on the target.
The Dawn Bringer is a long bastord sword crafted by the gods. Its sharp eges are blood red and the back side shines like metalic and the rest of the sword is black except for the handle. The handle looks gold like.
Abilities. The Dawn Bringer when it hits a target thats undead will burn to ash. and any undead in a 6 foot perimeter can feel the heat of the Dawn Bringer but only the undead can feel the radiating heat. If the sword is targeting a liveing thang the sword will act as any normal weapon.

My Secrets Are...

I like pink
I think rainbows of cool and wait a minute what are you writing you dam undead

I Believe...

All undead begins defy nature and should be eradicated