Angelus Julian Scythe

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Angelus Julian Scythe

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My Story Is...

Angelus is a vampire he has roamed Hellifyno for centuries, adventuring the worlds and drinking blood.

He was once a human actually more than human as he was born with special abilities to be a Vampire Hunter. He became a very powerful Vampire with having his hunter abilities still intact.

His past he has had many lovers, sired many more. He was death walking among the living.  He was born human to a royal vampire hunter family, One day a rival family wanted his family’s land, The rival family which were vampires had 2 dragons. The young prince didn’t know what to do as the dragons began to burn his kingdom so the young prince left as he heard of a dark power that dwelled in a deep cave. The prince explored the cave until he came across a demon of hell.

” Very brave young prince. Most dare not enter this cave.” The demon tells him. ” I am not afraid of you demon, I am a vampire hunter.” The prince said back. ” Oh, you will be..” The demon says with a cackle and appears in front of the prince then proceeds to stab a claw into the prince’s chest where his heart was, the prince gasps in pain. ” Are you sure you want this power child. To become the one thing you hate and hunt.” The demon asks him. ” Yes… for my revenge.” The prince answers, and the demon cuts his own wrists with his fangs and pours the black blood over the prince’s face letting it enter his mouth and go down his throat while imbuing him with powers of shadow and hellfire. ” Rise Julian son of Raziel.”

The prince awakes outside the cave feeling powerful. He heads to his kingdom seeing it in ruin. One of the dragons was on a tower of the ruined castle. Julian summons a spear of black shadow ice and throws it at the dragon taking it down. The other dragon is alerted and attack Julian with fire but he just walks through it. Summoning another spear he takes that other dragon down.

  He then proceeded to kill the rival family.  The prince’s father, mother was still alive and saw what kind of monster their son had become.  ” Leave Julian.” ” But father I did this for us to win, and now we have victory.” ” Leave or I will kill you.” His father says to him as he appears in front of Julian with a ruby stake at his heart. Julian sighs as he disappears into the shadows.

Currently, he travels alone.

My Appearance

Angelus is a 6’7″ tall male vampire that is very powerful.


Vampire abilities and a katana that he acquired from the demon that created him called Black Rose.

And a gun called Bloody Rose.

My Secrets Are...

Are mine to keep.