Who Am I...

im juts a nerd who wanted to try chatrooms.

Romantic Interests

im gay, i like men.

Relationship Status

im single.

My Story Is...

I am a fallen angel, who’s only quest is to find the meaning of life and happiness.

My Appearance

I have jet black hair with a purple to blue gradient, but my hair covers one of my eyes. I and average height, about 5’6, and healthily skinny. I wear humans clothes, and can hide my wings when I please, but my clothes are a black sweater, ripped skinny jeans, and dirty pink converse. I also have pinkish pale skin and freckles, but I have a lot of scars on my chest and shoulders.


I carry a pocket knife with me every where, and a sketch pad with pencils in my bag, which is a satchel with black and white stars on it. in this bag I also carry my weapon disguised as an ordinary pencil.

My Secrets Are...

why would I tell you my secrets. 

I Believe...

that i dont need to be an angel again to be happy, i just want to explore this world as much as possible and be myself.