Who Am I...

Wizard, Human (Mostly), Nutcase, Killer of tyrants, Odd Jobber

Romantic Interests

None at the moment

Relationship Status

Probably Single.

My Story Is...

You don’t need to know the details. All you need to know is that some bad stuff happened to me. I learned magic to prevent more bad things from happening I got some vengeance, killed some bad dudes, and now I’m just living paycheck to paycheck trying not to starve. I will do many jobs for almost any price.

My Appearance

Black, unkempt hair. Eye color: depends on the time of day. Pale, grim, average looking face. Lanky body. I wear a broad-brimmed hat with colorful plumes (It might be stolen) and some threadbare road clothes.


A quarterstaff, some food and water, various healing herbs,  a few psychedelics, spellbook, and a hunting knife.

My Secrets Are...

Ask me what you want.

I Believe...

In magic