Who Am I...

My name is Wolfy…

Romantic Interests

I'm bisexual… So I like guys and girls.. (but if your a toaster that's fine too.)

Relationship Status

Still Single..

My Story Is...

My parents are evil and they abandoned me when I was very little.. So I’ve been by myself for a long time. But even though I’m an orphan… I’m a pretty cocky one at that and tell things as they are. There is no use in trying to lie about certain things.

My Appearance

I have black hair that I typically put in low, messy pigtails.
I have golden eyes, and pale white skin.
I am usually seen wearing my signature red hat and an oversized shirt I keep tucked in to jean shorts or pants.
Most of the time I wear converse, but I wear combat boots as well.

My Secrets Are...

I have secrets, but that’s none of your concern.

I Believe...

I don't have the time to believe in anything other than myself and the people I love. (spoiler: I love nobody)