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There’s nothing crueler than letting a dream end midway. – Shota Aizawa

Who Am I...

Kirenne Vivian Sakura, though I go by Sakura.

Romantic Interests

Zander.. I love you darling!

Relationship Status

Taken by the best boyfriend in the world!!

My Story Is...

Alright, you wanna know? Well, listen then. When I was very young, my horrid parents deserted me with nothing. I was left, alone without anyone at age 5. By the time I turned 10 or so, I learned how to feed myself and take care of myself. Being a small werewolf, hunting wasn’t easy, but I managed with a meal every two days. Schooling? No such except the books that I stole along my journey, teaching myself to read and write.

My mother was a werewolf and my father was a warlock. I remember the night I found out my dad died. It wasn’t exciting or saddening, just solemn. I had nothing to say except, “How sad. Someone died.” Because I didn’t know my father or mother. It was apparent that he was killed by a vampire, of whom I don’t know, but it’s not like I cared. I wish I could say I knew Damien, my father, and I wish I could say I know my mother, Lunar. But I have no clue who either of them are and were.

Sometimes I lie awake at night, weeping and wishing I had known them because part of me aches to know them.



I am a little bit cocky at times, and like to joke around a lot. Puns and Pick-up lines are kinda my soft spot. I compliment a person’s serious personality with how laid back and stupid I am. I like to mess around with people and joke with them, which doesn’t always go planned. There have been times when I take my jokes to far and people get upset, but it’s their fault for having something about themselves open for me to joke about.

I normally see super serious and depressed people here, so finding someone like me would be a refresher. Although I like the fact that some people are serious and proper because we all can’t be as perfect as I am, I do wish I had a friend to joke with instead of  someone so serious.

But underneath my joking and egotistic persona.. I have anxiety, depression… I need someone to hold me when I cry at night. I need help, Help me before I end up like my parents, evil and absent-minded.. I don’t want to end up that way! Please.. If you have the chance..

Likes: Puns, Pick-up Lines, Jokes, low-key serious people, art, singing, and anime

Dislikes: Super properness, bratty royalty, CocaCola



My Appearance

Long white hair that reaches my lower back,

Dreamy, sparkly red eyes that look forever-dreaming,

Light, white skin

Wolf ears and tail,

Wide hips and sized c breasts

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Overall look ^



My Secrets Are...

I have secrets, but that’s none of your concern.

I Believe...

I don't have the time to believe in anything other than myself and the people I love.