Eliene and Onre

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Full names: Eliene and Onre


Pronunciation: El-ee-en and On-ree


Birthdate: June 13


Birthplace: Hellifyno


Age: 24


Gender(s): Female


Natural hair color: light brown


Dyed color (if applicable): none


Hair length: mid back


Eye color: gray/blue


Complexion: tanned


Height: 5’6


Weight: 150


Natural hair color: dark brown


Dyed color (if applicable): none


Hair length: just past her shoulders


Eye color: gray/blue


Complexion: tanned


Height: 5’6


Weight: 145


Good Traits: Open, Brave, Helpful, Artistic


Bad Traits: Perfectionist, Emotional


Strange habits: Addicted to sugar


Good habits: Likes to practice martial arts


Bad habits: Can be a bit of a pessimist

Good Traits: Intelligent, Reserved, Observant


Bad Traits: Disinterested, critical, stoic


Strange habits: Doodles on any bit of paper while waiting for something


Good habits: She almost always has a book with her


Bad habits: she tends to criticize anyone she’s not close to, disregarding their feelings


When they’re together, which is almost always, they compliment each other perfectly. Eliene is the one who generally makes a move to make friends, while Onre will observe before making any moves. They’re rarely apart, since their abilities are stronger when they’re together. Both are highly intelligent, but use their intelligence for different reasons. Eliene uses hers to read people and make friends, Onre uses hers to best figure out how to destroy someone.

Solar Manipulation – User can create, shape and manipulate all aspects of sun, starting from its immense heat, luminosity, mass/gravitational field, magnetic field, raw nuclear energy, and reaction, etc.


*  Solar Constructs

* Solar Energy Absorption

* Solar Flight

* Solar Generation and Immunity

* Solar Regeneration

Fire and Heat Manipulation – Pyrokinesis or the ability to control fire to the degree you can attack, defend, or use fire and heat to whatever purpose you see fit.


Plasma Manipulation – User can create, shape and manipulate plasma, a state of matter consisting of fully ionized gas of low density containing an approximately equal number of positive ions and electrons. It is important to note that although they are unbound, these particles are not ‘free’. When the charges move they generate electrical currents with magnetic fields, and as a result, they are affected by each other’s fields.


* Freezing


* Plasma Constructs


Limited telepathy: Eliene and Onre can read each other’s mind with ease, but are unable to read the minds of others. This also only works so long as they are within a mile of each other. It’s one of the reasons they stay together as much as possible.

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My Appearance

Drawing Dc Comics By nissa-draws con tumblr

She dresses in a way that helps her fit in better. Even if her style usually involves an almost Goth appearance. If she’s not wearing something black, she’s wearing something blue. Occasionally, she’ll add a little green to signify her relationship with Garfield.

My Secrets Are...

Eliene: If you’re ever able to gain my trust, I’ll tell you.

Onre: Buzz off.