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Exquisite Beauty

The Mockingbird is one of those that can mimic anything it hears. Well, this one can mimic that which she sees. It’s always in a much more limited way, and her magic is weak. She is young, compared to many of those like her, and she still has yet to even find her name. She calls herself “Mockingbird” as she is still learning words and ways of the people of her home world.


With the longer she spends around someone, she begins to take psychological and physical traits from that person, essentially mimicking them. Right now, as of this moment, she has take on a few of the physical aspects of the one person who has spent any amount of time with her. Which is why she’s no longer a brunette with honey colored eyes.

Best Hair Color For Hazel Eyes With Different Skin Tones

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I…. do not know

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My Story Is...

In progress, friend. Perhaps you’ll learn it one day.

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My Secrets Are...

Get close enough to me, and maybe you’ll learn!