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Otruta Mutations, Spells, and Abilities

Mutations- Anatomical and Physiological Features


Cosmetic Alterations: Her skin is a deep gray shade, much different from the pale, almost porcelain shade it was before. Her ears have elongated, more like a Drow and less like a High Elf as she was before. She also has slight scaling to her lower legs, which are a deep violet color.

Webbing and Spinnerets: Otruta can  spin and release webs similar to that of a common spider. These are spun from her fingertips, and she often uses them as traps and boundaries for her groves.

II. Additional limbs and Enhanced Arms and Hands

Additional pair of tentacles: These are generally hidden, and only appear when she’s in combat. They generally extend from her spine and ribcage, and she has twelve of them in total.

Hands– Armored Skin: Otruta has a gray scaling over her hands, which is so close to shade to her skin, that it looks just like her skin. This gives her a slight advantage in combat, making any punches thrown just a little harder.

Hands– Gripping Hairs: This is something that goes along with the webbing that Otruta can spin. These hairs allow her to grip trees and other surfaces, as long as they’re natural, and make her boundaries and traps.

III. Ranged Bio-Weapons

Acid Nodules: Otruta has tiny pores close to her hands that allow her to spray acid at attackers.

Cloud of Radiation: If threatened, Otruta can activate her natural radioactive aura, which can irradiate the area no more than 20 feet around her. This can cause sickness to her opponent, and in extreme cases it can kill.

IV. Abilities:

Otruta can twist and shape forests to her will. If this means her place in said forest needs to be all toxic mushrooms and dark grasses, then she can create it.

Animal Bond: She can communicate with all animals, but she generally chooses not to. The only one that she can often be seen speaking with is a giant honey badger named Jora.

Who Am I...

Elven Druid

Romantic Interests

That….. Just no

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

In progress, friend. Perhaps you’ll learn it one day.

My Appearance


My Secrets Are...

Get close enough to me, and maybe you’ll learn!

I Believe...

Humans are weak, useless trash that destroy everything they touch