Hello, beautiful stranger. My name is Ann…

I’m trying to figure out who I am and how I got here. Curiosity does get the best of me. I am not an open book so excuse me if I don’t respond. Earn my trust and then we can have fun. I’m not afraid to get into trouble.

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Who Am I...

I'm not sure yet

Romantic Interests

Embarrassed to say

Relationship Status

Not capable

My Story Is...


Update: I’m slowly figuring things out. It’s not all clear yet but I’ve noticed that when my eyes change colour, so does my personalities but I can’t remember when I’m not in my original state. Appearance stays the same more or less. Change of eye colour is the only indication. I share different “personalities” but only have one body.



Blue/Purple (my real personality) = Curious, Stubborn, Friendly, Hard-headed, Hot-tempered, Stands up for herself

Black/Grey (Name: Sophia or Sophie)= Sweet, Kind, Understanding, Protective, Mature, Outspoken, Helpful, Strong-willed, Polite

Red (Name: Lia) = Seductive, Controlling, Rude, Demonic, Gets into trouble, Mischievous, Loves to cause problems for others, Selfish, Strong, Manipulative


I don’t know how to control it

My Appearance

I look human on the outside except for:

1) Deep blue and purple eyes.

2) Untarally light white skin

Height 5″6

Long straight black hair


Something you can't forget - Chapter 4: Welcome to the island ...

(Black/Grey Eyes)

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(Red Eyes)


A small pocket knife that has kept her alive … at least for this long.

My Secrets Are...

Too many to count

I Believe...