Annabell Rose

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The Wickedness has come….


For many years I have been away, traversing the multiverse to study its draconian specimens. 


Now in this new chapter, I return to Hellifyno, drawn back to it by the threads of time and space, to once again soar over my home world.


However, fate is cruel. I have unwillingly brought a terror from the Hungry World back into Hellifyno. My mind and face have been scarred through its birth. I fear the worst is still to come…

Who Am I...

The Returned Dragon Rider, and The Unwilling Mother

Romantic Interests

Someone to fill the empty ocean of my heart

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Annabell is a vampire who is originally from Hellifyno. The memory of her parents identities is one not even she carries, so they were erased when history became unraveled and rewritten in the Book of Hellifyno.


She is currently on her second life cycle so far.


Her first life cycle saw her born as a vampire, grow quickly, and become one of the many lovers of one Robert Oddman. Tragic events led to her succumbing to a quick death, only for powerful magic to reverse the effects and return her to childhood.


In her second life cycle, she would be given the gift of a dragon egg while still young. She would hatch and raise the fire dragon within, whom she named Rozu. After Rozu also quickly grew and started laying eggs, Annabell decided she wanted to do more with dragons.


After her childhood sweetheart in this cycle, Zachary Zagurian, would help her get over her fear of water, she would find a water dragon egg and hatch that as well, naming this new one Zephyre.


She became more and more infatuated with her dragon raising and research. In doing so, she ended up neglecting all family and friends. As they moved on without her, she would remain in the company of her dragons.


Eventually she decided to set out on a journey; one to traverse the multiverse and study its many dragons. Without a word of farewell to anyone, she took Rozu and Zephyre and left.


Now, several years later, she has been drawn back to Hellifyno by the threads of Thyme. Though reluctant, Annabell has deemed this as a sign that it’s time to visit her old home and see what has become of it.

My Appearance

Age: Appearance – 22 years old  Actual Age – 7 
Sex: Female
Race/Ethnicity: Vampire/Caucasian  

Skin Tone: Very pale 

Height: 5 ft 9 in 

Build: Slim 

Eyes: Emerald green 

Hair: Long wavy black hair that falls to her back small 

Clothes Style: Sturdy clothing for dragon riding, exploration, etc. Usually composed of a blue high collared top or robe, black pants, and leather boots (sometimes leather corset as well).  

Tattoos, Piercings, Marks, Scars, etc.: Dragon emblem burned onto her back by one of the greater beasts she has met

Other: Wears deep red lipstick and dark eye shadow almost always



-Pouch full of meat scraps for dragon treats

-Journals of her research and encounters

-One very tiny egg, under close watch and care

-Rozu the Fire Dragon and Zephyre the Water Dragon (she has raised several more dragons, but these two are the ones that remain faithfully by her side)

My Secrets Are...

I regret losing him to my own negligence… 

I Believe...

There are more dragons in this multiverse than I will ever live to meet.