Phoebe Veronica Atalanta is a demigoddess and Titaness of the moon. Thou she is beautiful, she is wrathful and just. She has a keen sense of what will happen in the future due to her gifts of “true sight” of the future, and her brilliant beauty to reveal truth in all things.

Her name, Phoebe is greek meaning ‘Bright/shining” and while many know very little about the true nature of this minor goddess and titan, they often speak of her beauty. She is also goddess of the harvest, divination, and the hunt. Veronica her middle name meaning “true icon” or “true vision. Her last name Atalanta is a virgin huntress and the beloved of Meleager in the Greek mythology.

Having been exiled from her place amongst the other gods, Phoebe finds herself in Los Angeles trying to find herself amongst humans.

Who Am I...

Witch, Demigoddess, goddess of the moon, moon titaness

Romantic Interests

The Devil/Lucifer Morningstar, anyone up to no good.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

One of sadness

My Appearance

long waist long brown hair, deep brown, black/brown eyes, ivory pale olive skin

My Secrets Are...


I Believe...

I will never find someone to love me for who I am.